You can lose weight with PCOS.

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  1. Aishah

    Aishah Member

    Now I'm no Doctor, but one thing I know is women with PCOS can lose weight. I myself have PCOS and have had problems losing weight, but not once have I blamed the PCOS. PCOS suffers need to admit how much they eat and the real cause of thei weight gain. PCOS is just an excuse. Ok, I know it's not easy losing weight, but so many women with the syndrome have lost weight, some fast, some slow. My head is so full of information, I'm not 100% sure what I'm ranting about anymore.

    But ladies, I don't want to rant. I just want to let you know wdight loss isn't hard with PCOS. Stop making excuses and at least try.

    I'm back on Minimins nearly a year later, I balloned to 17st, and in the past 2 months I've come down to 15st 7lbs. Here's how;

    I don't eat after 6.

    I walk at least 30 minutes a day.

    I have 2 meals a day.

    I never alliw myself to go hungry, if I do start to feel hungry, I eat fruit.

    I've only just started my journey, but I hope there are some PCOS friends out there who will join me in losing weight rather than blaming PCOS.

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  3. sarah_lou1981

    sarah_lou1981 Not gonna be a fat mamma!

    Like you said yourself, you're no doctor. PCOS affects different people in different ways. I've known people who stick 100% to proven weight loss plans and not lose weight. To say losing weight with PCOS is 'not hard' is a statement that could upset people with the condition that HAVE tried to lose weight. If you can lose weight easily then that's brilliant for you. I'm lucky that I can lose weight but it goes on so fast I have to be very careful.

    Rather than tell people with PCOS that they need to face up to what they eat it would be far better to support them in their weight loss goals. After all, we're all in the same boat and that's why we choose to come on this part of the forum.
  4. monkeytheory

    monkeytheory Full Member

    I wasn't overweight until the PCOS started to present itself, I didn't overindulge in food or drinks and when I finally tried to lose weight some years ago it was a very hard process. It's a bit rude to assume that everyone is the same and that if it falls off you it will fall off of everyone. Everyone has a unique body and we all run differently, I've tried many diets in the last few years and walk everyday but it's only since starting slimming world I find that the weight is actually coming off. I'm delighted that you found a way to lose weight that suits you but I couldn't live so rigidly and don't think many could, it takes a lot of determination which I applaud you for having it but just because you've found your way to lose weight many others haven't and it's a really hard road for most. It's time we stopped berating each other, we should be standing together against this wretched disorder and encouraging each other, not ranting because some of us actually struggle to lose weight where as others have no weight problems at all.
  5. sarah_lou1981

    sarah_lou1981 Not gonna be a fat mamma!

    My point exactly :) PCOS is horrible and for someone who allegedly has it to come on a PCOS thread and basically say sufferers eat too much is out of order, in my opinion. I've heard a lot of people say Slimming World is good for PCOS too, unfortunately I can't get on with it but Weight Watchers works really well for me luckily. Good luck with your weight loss Hun. Like you say, we sufferers should stick together!!!
  6. springburnlass

    springburnlass Full Member

    Yes everyone is different. I`ve tried every diet out there in thee past 20 years of having PCOS. I lost most weight following Atkins diet, but the negative remarks about how "bad" it was for my health by eating so much fat made me give up. I`ve not long started SW, (two months) and enjoy it, but weight loss is slow. I feel we should be supportive to each other here, that`s a reason for me joining this forum.
  7. omnomnivore

    omnomnivore Member

    Wow! That was an ignorant post if ever I read one!!

    Yes, people who suffer with PCOS can lose weight and it's not impossible but it's damn hard for most of us! For MOST of us, sticking to the plan that you follow doesn't work! We are all different, some are affected mildly or badly and some not at all! We all have to find a plan that works for us and try our best to stick with it.

    Well done for your weight loss because it is very good but most women with this condition can't lose weight that quickly. It is a very hard and slow process because it is a hormonal illness which varies greatly for each person.
  8. pandauk

    pandauk Full Member

    Whilst I can say that it's not my PCOS alone that made me overweight, I also know that it is the PCOS that stops me from losing weight as quickly as most. Even on my best weeks I'll barely notice a difference on the scales. My Dr summed it up perfectly "Most people with PCOS have to work 4x harder to lose each lb than someone who just gained weight from over-eating alone".

    So it's true that people with PCOS can lose weight, some easily, but others it will be a massive battle and I don't think your comments are really apprporiate on a PCOS board. This board is normally a great source of encouragement and hope and not one of belittling and ignorance.
  9. holly xxx

    holly xxx Full Member

    i have suffered with pcos for many years, and i do believe that it can have a real impact on weight loss for some people - as others have said, it affects different people in different ways - i find that i can still lose weight quite rapidly despite the pcos, but if i fall off the wagon even a little bit, the weight piles back on me really quickly, i mean ridiculously quickly! - i just wish that the weight loss would ease my other pcos symptoms such as the facial hair and the extremely heavy periods - oh well.. i guess i will just have to put up with it even when i get to be skinny! lol
  10. monkeytheory

    monkeytheory Full Member

    I found no change in the excess hair either with the weight loss though other women found it got better, it's so annoying but if I can get down a bit more weight I think I'll be happier dealing with it too haha
  11. holly xxx

    holly xxx Full Member

    glad i am not the only one that found no change in the excess hair! i am just glad that i am pretty fair skinned with pale hair or i think i would go crazy!
  12. Miss MDG

    Miss MDG Full Member

    PCOS, the most annoying thing about it for me is the weight, I get a little hair on my face but thats easily sorted. But the weight!! Iv been over weight my whole life and tried many diets, iv done slimming world 9 times and only ever managed to lose 8lbs at most then put it all back on. Losing weight is hard but luckily iv found a diet that works for me called lipotrim and iv lost just under two stones in 4 weeks. I do wish the slimming world worked for me though as I love food and I lovef the classes
  13. monkeytheory

    monkeytheory Full Member

    I know the feeling Ms MDG, I did ww and unislim and tried supplements over the last 10 years and nothing worked more than helping me lose a stone then it just flew back on again. Everyone is so different that there is just not one thing that will work for everyone, a dr told me that with pcos I'd be lucky to lose any weight at all, very motivational haha. Unfortunately I get really dark excess hair on my face pretty much all over so have to deal with it every couple of days, still I know I'm not at bad off as some other ladies, so just try to get on with it :)
  14. fatmumof1

    fatmumof1 Full Member

    Hi ladies i too am a sufferer and when I went to the doctors nearly crying he just said you are going to struggle, erm thanks. Well I have found a diet that works for me it is called herbalife, now everybody has to find the right diet for them but this one works for me through doing this and working with a personal trainer and nutrionist we have also established I am super super carb resistent so have eliminated fruit and pasta etc (that is probably why slimming world didnt work for me!)good luck with your weightloss journeys I am 28lbs lighter as a result of herbalife and up until this week where I have been told I dont look like I have lost ANY weight, I look old and my legs are awful oh and someone kindly posted a very ugly picture of me on fb. I was feeling good. Oh well onwards and upwards lets lose another 28lbs and see what they say then

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