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You know you have a problem when....


Like a Renegade Master
lol it gets a bit that way, you should be very proud that you didn't lick it x
Well im very serious about this diet, and their is no point in doing it halfway. Im just laughing at myself, what an eejit I am


Like a Renegade Master
you are not alone everything my other half eats i have to smell lol fortunately he has been eating at work for the last month so i have nothing in the house to sniff
Aw thats nice of him....went to a Christening yesterday, was torture with all the food and drink, but yes I was sniffing everything.


Like a Renegade Master
it is nice of him but i think its more about the fact that it is free at work and he doesn't have to cook it rather than him trying to be nice to me lol, well done for getting through the Christening this diet can be tough at times but the results are worth it trust me
Aw thanks...and congrats to you, your loss so far is savage. you have great will power to last so long on LT
Ohhhh this really made me laugh out loud... I made cakes last weekend for the village summer fete and I was giggling to myself that sniffing these blummin cakes in the fridge was enough to keep me going!!! Hahaha Thank you for posting this ipikak ... what a great way to start my day... at least I know I'm not going mad ;) LOL
I sniff all food I open or prepare, it really keeps me going. I like to know how good things taste too. I was hooked on smelling digestive biscuits yesterday the smell was amazing,my poor four year old thinks I mad!!! Xx
haha...it just goes to show that food is definately a drug. I think its heightening my other senses cause I can smell a hell of a lot better theses days. If there is food around ill sniff it out
Oh my husband thought I was mad first time I did the diet and sniffed food- this time he hands me the food to sniff!!

Love smelling fresh bread!!
Too funny:D. I try to avoid doing that cause I know I'll become obssesed with the idea of it. But yes, I perfectly understand, also, my hightened sense of smell on this diet is amazing.
Hey Uklady. just noticed there that we started at more or less the same weight and have lost kinda the same....weird
Im sitting here with my other half beside me eating a huge indian curry :( so hard but not giving up can't wait to see what I lose this Monday! keep me motivated !!!
Im sitting here with my other half beside me eating a huge indian curry :( so hard but not giving up can't wait to see what I lose this Monday! keep me motivated !!!
In no time at all you can eat whatever you want!!!! Its not forever hunni!!!!

Just think how bad you will feel if you have some!!! But how good it will feel when you go to bed knowing you didn't cave in!!!! x
Determination today is tomorrows sucess. Just a quote that keeps me going
Thanks Deezer I didn't cave and going out last night my clothes felt looser and ive only been on this 6 days !! Thanks so much for your motivation !! You are doing so well and really help everyone on this forum what would we fellow trimers do with out you :) x

Ipikak thanks for the quote heres another one "you eat to live not live to eat" :)

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