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You wanna be fit or fat?!

Thought a diary might help me in my journey to lose this bloody weight! Short history for now- ate like a pig and got fat, tried every diet known to man with different degrees of success, joined LL and lost 3.5 stone, was happy for a few months, got ill and complacent, piled weight back on and a bit more for shits and giggles, tried CWP as a cheaper and more flexible option and have been dicking about with the same stone ever since !!!! Lol.

So now I'm at the end of day one. Doing SS+ and trying to think of Christmas and how I'll feel if I'm the same weight. I also want to show my mother the wedding dress I've bought (she lives abroad) when she comes home at Christmas. I get married next september. Id love to look at my wedding pics and not hate everyone (plus I can't delete them like I normally do when I think I look horrific haha). I'd love to prance about in a bikini on my honeymoon (yes prance). Ooo and I've booked a boudoir shoot in July for my husband to be's wedding present (seriously so uncharacteristic of me I can't even begin to say!). I'm about 3 weeks away from having a clear brace fitted (which is one step away from getting my jaw wired so will have multiple benefits) (joke) (or is it?!).

So I'm sending out my diet prayers to the god of fat loss, God, Allah, The Goddess, Mohammed, Vishnu, Ganesh - ok I'm just randomly naming gods here which is silly and ironic considering I'm an atheist but I need all the help I can get.

Jokes aside, I'm bloody miserable and want to lose about 5 stone. Let's see how it goes!
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Feeling Motivated
Good Luck, I'm sure with all the support you will get on here you will be fine! :)


That mars bar aint love..
HA! I love this post! How you getting on? Im starting again tomorrow. 1,000,000 th time lucky! I have about 1.5 stone which isnt much but is taking me ages to shift because i just love to troff.

Keep going!

Wellllll, firstly thanks for commenting above- nice to know I'm not alone! This week has been great and **** in equal measures. Same old- stick to it, mess up, have a weep, vow to change my filthy ways, stick to it...etc etc. I've lost some weight but I've not stick to it 100%. Roll on nov 10th for my lovely painful brace lol! If I'm not 100% faithful to this diet with an implement of torture wrapped around my gnashers, I'm going to have to accept that I may have Food Insanity. That's something I just made up but it says it all really. I need my annual leave to be over (I'll regret that Wednesday ) so I have things to occupy my mind other than what I can wrap my gums around.

On up side, went to my venues wedding fayre today and ordered my cake:


Mine will have 4 tiers though and purple ribbon.

Tomorrow I will be having food (I know I know) but then I plan on being a hermit for month til it my fiancées bday! Hmmm. I am saving all my pennies so I've little room to be a Food Knob after tomorrow (yes that's a new one) so onwards and upwards and all that *****.


That mars bar aint love..
Wouldn't rely on the brace thing... My boyfriend gave me some fat burners once and swore it would suppress my appetite. I actually lied and said it did because he made such a song and dance about it. I really am at the end of my tether tbh. I HATE dieting and all related paraphernalia, however I somehow manage to stick to this one...
Why are you eating tomorrow? I have to go to away forthe weekend think I may go up to 1000 because all the people I'm going with are little oinkers and eat everything in sight. I'll end up on the brink if I don't eat then.....

Don't undo what you've done!! I did that last week and nearly had a coronary I got myself so worked up! X


That mars bar aint love..
Ps that cake is amazing!!!
Leanne- thank you! I'm pleased with it :). What's your CWP story? Give me some thinspiration!! Lol. I ate cos I'm a food knob. I really need to be locked in an empty room. Maybe if I commit a minor ish crime I could be detained in some way? Sure I'd lose my job but by god I'd be thin lol ;)!
I am also trying to lose weight before my wedding. Difficult going!

Good luck, I am sure you can do it :)
Goodluck littlesister.

It is hard to get back on once you've eaten, avoid carbs like the plague if you can :)

PB xxxx

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