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Your CD Xmas Plans?

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I am in a dieting quandry (sp?). I joined minimins earlier this week unsure of which diet to follow to lose 6 stone on *eek*

I decided to try Rosemary Conley, but hubby finished work late so I couldn't get to the class. Since then i've been lurking around the vlcd forums and am really tempted to try cambridge, i've tried it before but didn't last long.

Anyway... I don't want to stick to it over xmas as we are having a big family xmas and it's once a year!

What are you allplanning on doing over xmas? Will you stick to cd? have just a small amount of protein? or enjoy xmas (food wise) and jumpback onto the diet afterwards?

I am scared that if I make it to xmas and come off the diet then i'll never get back on it again.

sorry for waffling :eek:
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I have been on ww for the last seven christmases - I intend to eat a little of what I fancy - wthin reason, then, if I need to do a ss month in January - I am on my way to maintenance now so should be hovering around goal by then any how - I won't go mad but will enjoy it. The last few years, I have gone off plan - ww that is, for christmas day and let myself have more choc and cakes than usual and then dealt with the consequences.
I have read a similar thread on here where some people are planning to do a higher plan like 1000 or 810 = there is always the option of turkey and green veg!
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Last year I was on CD and just had turkey and the green veg, and I gotta say it felt like SUCH a luxury having not eaten anything for weeks! It filled me up and I felt so pleased with myself for not eating all the junk that comes with Christmas... no cake, no choccies, nothing. But if felt SWEET!

I am just about to start CD again just to finish off my weightloss as I'm working to a deadline, and I plan to work up the plans the week before and eat sensibly on the day. But that's ONLY because I will be pretty much at goal by then. If I had more to lose I would do the same as last year and stick with the protein.

That's the best I can suggest- have a small protein meal, and carry on with CD as normal. Next year when you're at goal you can allow yourself a few treats on Christmas day, but when you're in the flow of CD believe me the LAST thing you want to do is come off for a day... a lot of people (myself included) who take a day off, never manage to get back on. So my advice= don't do it.

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what i am planning is 2 cd meals and turkey with veg no carbs with xmas dinner . thats the plan anyways i just hope i can stick to it . will xmas dinner knock me out of ketosis


Trying to stay positive..
i only have less than a stone left to lose so will be off of cd before christmas time:) i'm extatic and worried at the same time, because i usually spend christmas at my aunt's house and she always makes amazing food and orders a specially made cake, and it is absolutely DIVINE! :| and i think it might just be the fattiest cake ever created... but it's just way too delicious to miss out on:]
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what i am planning is 2 cd meals and turkey with veg no carbs with xmas dinner . thats the plan anyways i just hope i can stick to it . will xmas dinner knock me out of ketosis

Why only 2 CD packs?? Why, on Christmas Day, of all days are you gonna starve your body of nutrients? Have the white and green meal by all means, but have three packs. Even four since it's Christmas but don't cut down to two with all that tempting food around you.

I'm doing the same as you, but with 3 packs. After 12 fat Christmases, and 12 fat New Years in a row, when I have been utterly miserable about my size I think this will be one of the best Christmases ever, being 100% SS+ and knowing I am gonna hit my goal in 2009.

Read so much about people finding it difficult to get back on, on here, I will not risk it for one day.

Your green and white meal will not put you out of ketosis.
I didn't eat back in December 2006, apart from my 4 packs, and it was one of the best Xmas days I have ever had, I wasn't stuffed full of chocolate on the sofa asleep at 8pm and instead was up playing games.

It made me realise that you don't need food to be with friends and family and have a good time and I have kept that lesson in my head.

My advice to anyone who is on SS and doing really well is to stick with it, you'll still have a fantastic day and the feeling of pride when you wake up boxing day having burnt away a bit more of your fat suit is much better than any chocolate.

My weigh in will be on the 16th of december then i am off the diet until after Christmas, i am gonna enjoy all the festive thing's then deal with what happen's afterward's!!

I love Christmas, it's my favourite time of the year!!


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It's really interesting reading everyones food plans for Christmas, I think forward planning is the way forward, Personally I am SS'ing up to Christmas Eve and then doing AAM for 2 weeks over Christmas. I have thought long and hard about it and really think this will suit me. I feel totally commited to losing weight this time so am certain I will have no problem going back to SS as I have done it a couple of times over the last 2 months, a real bonus for me is when I do AAM i stay in ketosis although that means absolutely no alcohol!!!!!!

Good luck with your decision Hel x

Sarah x


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Personally, I am SSing all the way through Christmas. I am strong enough to stick to it. Christmas isn't about food to me so missing all the junk food that comes with it really won't bother me. Then next year I am cooking the Christmas dinner and having all my family over (this is a first for me!!) safe in the knowledge that I will be slim!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas anyway, whatever you decide to do xxx
S: 17st0lb C: 16st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 38.6 Loss: 0st6lb(2.52%)
Thanks for all your replies.

I admire all of you who are planning on following sole source, have followed sole source and those who are having green and white veg with their turkey!

I have been reading a lot of the posts on here over the last 24 hours, but have decided that if giving up my xmas dinner is such a big deal to me then this diet will never work for me. If I can't handle one day then how can I cope with several months?

I have decided to just eat as healthy as possible and get my bum back to the gym every day.

Thanks again for all of your advice, good luck to everyone!

Hel x


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I really hope to be at goal at Christmas.. It would be a very good motivation for me... Doubt I will but okay. One can dream, right? XD Still about 2 months to go.....

At Christmas I would like to have some chicken/veg but I would also like a small potato.. croquette (????). They are my fav. food of all time and we usually only have them at christmas... I wouldn't want to binge or anything but.... it would be so cool if I could have 1 :'(

Sigh. We shall see how I feel closer to Christmas :)


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My Birthday is a week to the day before Christmas & I'm coming off it then until New Years day. I love christmas, plus I have time off work too and I've decided that I do not want to not enjoy the seasonal food.


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I think the key with all this is to enjoy Christmas, however you choose - ss, ss+, or off plan - so long as you are ready to deal with the consequences - be that out of ketosis an having to start over or having to forgo the christmas treats - I don't think there is a right or wrong decision - it is what suits you and how you choose to handle it! That is the joy of this plan, it gives you choice - an how powerful it feels to say no!!!
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Will still be SS'ing at Xmas myself. The 23rd is also my birthday AND wedding anniversary lol!!
Have decided that getting my weight down is much more important than stuffing my face full of Christmas food. By the time next Christmas comes around I will be able to enjoy because by then I will be a size Im happy with and also would have learnt a bit of self control.....eg portion sizes lol! :D
S: 14st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 1st0lb(7.14%)
Read so much about people finding it difficult to get back on, on here, I will not risk it for one day.
What she said! Another good reason why Im not coming off SS :D


Wants to do this!
For me I'll be doing turkey, sprouts and cauliflower. No gravy or stuffing - bummer but it's the way it has to be!
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I have been thinking about this quite a bit, as i am cooking Xmas dinner for 12 !!
I am currently on SS, and dont know what to do, what is AAM ?? is it the same as SS+ ??
Also, what would i be able to eat, without it damaging my diet ??

Thanks guys :)


I lurve lurve lurve bars
I am finishing my 12 weeks on 4th december,I plan to continue with 810 until xmas week ish then go up to 1000 for the week up til new years day so I can have a drink,as soon as I get to 1st Jan back to ss+ for me.( I would have ss+ meal right through as the food doesnt bother me,but to have a drink you need to be out of keto)
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