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Your Changing Relationship With Food


I've got the power
I am now on my 4th week of Lipotrim, and having the opportunity to distance myself from food has opened my eyes to my behaviour around food and negative eating patterns.

First thing to hit me was the amount of denial I've been in! I was one of these people who would complain about putting on weight, despairing because I 'just couldn't understand' how I'd got so 'fat'!
With the benefit of hindsight, all those half-packets of biscuits, all those family sized bars of chocolate, pizza from the takeaway across the road, cans of lager and packets of crisps couldn't have had much to do with my weight gain...... I have always been following the 80/20 rule, just seem to have done it the wrong way around!

The second thing, and this will be the real challenge after I've reached target, is the emotional relationship to food.
In my household, we celebrate with food, we commiserate with food, we relax with food, in fact any given example is an excuse for a banquet!
Now we are having to explore new ways of feeling bonded with one another, the TV goes off in the evenings because we're not hunched over our dinner like cavemen round a camp fire, and we actually talk to each other! Or sometimes we play games, or do some household jobs.
The main focus of our evenings has always been our dinner, planning, preparing, eating. It struck me how this is not the way to be, I've been living to eat, when I should be seeing food as fuel, and eating to live!

Sorry for the long post, just thought I'd share my moment of clarity with you.

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What an interesting post. I understand where you are coming from 100%. Espeically the fact that food played a huge part in your life.

I still think there is nothing nicer then the family sitting round the table eating. The thing is now instead of it being a banquet of 'bad' food, I love the challenge of making lovely healthy food. We still have a roast dinner at a weekend. Lots of lovely veggies (not tossed in butter like it used to be).....just a lot less of the bad foods....i.e Roast Pots, Yorkshire puddings etc etc.

I cannot wait for Summer. I love spending an evening in my back garden...with a lovely Feta Cheese Salad and a glass of red.

I think its still ok to enjoy food.......quite important actually, but its breaking the habit of eating bad foods which is the challenge. I'm getting there. My favorite food of the moment is Ryvita!!! How odd is that, but I believe this diet can change how you view food.

Good luck hun x


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Skinkwitch - Great post - I was reading it and nodding as it is like me! My partner and I ate for every single occasion, we would not cook a meal from Thurs night til Mon night and eat out constantly, sometimes even getting more takeaways inbetween! I would tell myself, I was lucky that I could eat out as often as we did and felt priveledged! I would hate to think how much we spent on food! I too convinced myself that I really didnt eat too badly and like you followed the 80/20 rule, now am realising I followed it backwards! I hope this is something I can rectify after my time on lipo! Like Shaz paz has said, I think its really important to continue enjoying our food but we must learn to enjoy better food. Its going to be challenging finding healthier ways to cook and exciting trying new healthy options. I think the odd treat is more than acceptable and I dont intend to give everything up forever, I just need to be sensible.. xxxx


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Great post! I think we can all relate to what you have said totally! Me and my bf were stuck on valentines day because we always go for a meal! Everything we do socially is food related. After 8 and a half weeks i love the fact that my life is not wrapped around food!! I seem to have so much more time to think about and do other things! I will never go back to my old ways ever..no matter what everybody around me does xxx


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I agree with everyone else, this is a great post, it seems everywhere I go at the moment I find something that I would have eaten - and I really would have, in large portions.

It was good that the other day I went to the market and I KNOW I would have stopped at the first burger stall and had some kind of junk food, but then I walked past another 5, and a dinky doughnut stall, and a jacket potato stall etc... I got through it by logicising (is that a word) that if I'd eaten at the first stall, I still would have been tempted by the others but not been able to at them as I would've been full, so there's no real difference in me just not have eaten at the first one. It got me through and I think I turned a good mental corner...

Yet I still comfort myself by planning the massive meals i'm gonna have when i get skinny, and all the foods I miss, so I don't know how I'm ever going to fix that mental urge to eat and my inability to pick just one thing to eat so I don't end up eating everything....

hmmmm..... :confused::sigh:


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It is amazing how your attitude to food changes, after my first time on Lipotrim I didnt change anything but this time, I have decided that I am not willing to go back on lipotrim and I am going to make it work. I am still having big portions but of the right food, lots of healthy veg, salad etc with few carbs and plenty of protein but I am still treating myself on the weekend (I am probably going to have a curry tonight). I am trying to work hard at the gym as well running for 20mins a day at least and playing hockey and badminton etc.

I have put some weight on and my waist at the end of the day is between an 1" to 1.5" larger but the bottom line is I know that I am eating properly and exercising a lot with the occasional treat.

If i can do it anyone can because I am an eater, i dont smoke, I dont drink I eat when I am unhappy, bored.....pretty much whatever reason I can. Your taste buds change and you lose the cravings for McDonalds and pizza etc and you appreciate the taste of other things.