Your dream body

one of the guys i used to work with was in the other day and said that i had a j'lo buzz going on cos he said my ass looked great in a pair of jeans i was wearing.... needless to say them jeans come everywhere with me now lol lol and he is a fussy git too so was dead chuffed!!!
I know we all have different shapes bodywise, but i would love to have the nice shape she has. Right now i would settle for Sonia from Eastenders figure!

i fecking hate sonia from eastenders ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i really don't know why i just do... maybe i was always afraid someone would say i looked like her cos ya know the way people think just because you are overweight you look like another overweight person even tho ya don't???

i really don't have a j'lo ass but who am i to argue with compliments such as those hee hee
I think Charlotte Church has 'got it going on' in the gorgeous figure dept at the mo. All the right curves in the right places.

Other women that I think have bods I'd like include Kate Winslett, Shakira, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce Knowles and J-Lo (lucky you Gen for being likened to her!)
All have those hourglass curves!

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm ever going to resemble any of them in the bod dept - but I can dream!
Okay. I don't want anyones body. I happen to quite like my own. Even when I was big.

I'll laugh and joke about how I need surgery from the toes up to perfect myself (or even make me look slightly more normal), but if I search my soul, I think my body is amazing.

It never ceases to amaze me how it ticks along, doing all it's little jobs. Heart beating, circulation moving, antibodies fighting their little battles, all without me doing anything conscious.

So, yes. Our bodies are incredible. I think most of us would agree.

If I was on a desert island all alone, I can honestly say that I couldn't care too much about the flabby skin, or the wrinkles.

What others think about my body is the problem.

I want my body back again and I'm almost there, just the hard toning work to do and the buffer zone to lose :D
My dream body would have to be Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Oops, it's not kind of question is it :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
I think Nigella Lawson has got a gorgeous curvy bod.

I hadn't noticed before I lost weight just how much of a toll gravity has taken on my body. I now have to scoop my boobs up from near my navel and my butt from the back of my knees!!! I'm not impressed!
I don't agree that J-lo has an hourglass figure. Yes.. she has a great curvy bum but she is pretty small up top. Really tiny actually. You need some boobs to really have an hourglass figure. An hourglass figure to me is someone like Kelly Brook or Martine McCutheon (dunno if it's spelt right) and of course Marilyn Monroe.
hmmm. Have thought about who's body i'd like and i think charlotte church has just edged it.

I think though i'll just be happy to be me when i've lost weight as long as i can tone my belly up. Grrrrr to having children. :)