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Your favourite/least favourite Cambridge Products?


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Which Cambridge products do you like the most/least?

I'll start. ;)

Porridge -
Favourite: None. Eww. :sick:I am really looking forward to replacing them with the bars next week.

Soups -
Favourite: Chicken and Mushroom, and Oriental Chilli

Least Favourite - Mushroom

Shakes -
Favourite: Chocolate
Least Favourite: Toffee and Walnut (far too sweet)

Bars - Haven't tried them yet.

What about you? :)
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i love the porridge (both flavours) and I love all the bars. I love the banana and strawberry shakes - quite like the toffee and walnut but haven't tried any of the others. I tried the chilli soup and it was awful - haven't tried any of the other soups


please try again
favorite : choc mint, its all i have

least fave : the now defunct broccoli and cheese!
i really really dislike them all lol...

im tetra all the way the consistancy is thicker so i can down it and cold they taste quite alright until you get the after taste

the soups i cannot bear but im 100% tetras xx
I honestly haven't tried anything I don't like. I'm not so keen on the soups, but I might change that thought in a few months when it's colder and I'm feeling it more.

I think I would have to say that the Peanut Crunch bar is probably my favourite and least favourite. I really like them and they give something firm to get your teeth in to and have a good munch on, but it seems they have a bad effect on my erm, toilet stops. :eek:
I do find the Malt Toffee and Caramel ones rather sickly if I have a whole one.
i just found them so metally if that makes sense... and they just wouldnt chew very well and stayed in my mouth for aggess haha... ! but i am a bit funny with certain foods... (clearly not alot or i wouldnt need CD in the first place lol :D)
Well I personally detest dark chocolate on a normal basis but the orange is soooo strong it over rides the choc- thankgod! Does for me anyway it's the only bar I think that tastes normal lol


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I like and usually have:

Cranberry bars (peanut in 2nd place - don't ever have any of the others)
Fruits of the forest Shake is best be I like all of the fruit shakes.
Chocolate tetra

I do like the tomato soup but not any of the others although I'm totally off soup at the moment.

I HATE butterscotch shakes, toffee bars, cheese and broccoli soup!
The porridge is he worst thing I've ever eaten. But maybe that's because I'm fussy about how I have my porridge (cream and sugar...moi?!) -- I should have known better really and just went for the shakes for brekkie.

I've liked the butterscotch and cappacino shakes so far. Next week I think I'll just go for shakes and leave the porridge and soup out lol
Original porridge
Choc mint and choc orange shakes
Leek and Potato soup
Peanut, cranberry and chocolate bars
Choc and banana tetras

I hate:
Tomato and Oriental Chilli soup
Apple and Cinnamon porridge
Toffee and Caramel bars (I find them sickly too...and a bit salty)
Strawberry Tetra
Vanilla shake
Original porridge,banana and strawberry shakes that`s all i have.
i hate all soups .
i will try bars next week
Hmmmm I only have apple and cinnamon porridge, Vicky just gave me a mixture so I was assuming that was the only flavour.

Oh well, the original one would probably just make me want to dump a load of double cream and brown sugar on it ;)

Shakes for breakfast from now on I reckon.

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