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Your goal weight?


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I am not going to set my target yet as I don't know what I want. At the moment my main aim is to lose about 4 -5 stone and that will take me to 15-16 stone which is the least I can remember weighing but I know that would still make me obese. I just dont have a clue what to set as my target.
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I started at 14 stone 8.5 and a size 18.. I decided to lose 5 stone when i began my journey and have since re-set to 4 and half as i am now comfortable in my own skin. This would make me 10 stone 1.5 pounds. But i plan to shift a few more pounds so im just below or 10 stone so iv got some le-way to flex between. if that makes sence

I'd have loved to be 9 stone 10, don't know why, iv just always held it in my head as a perfect weight.. but i dont reli wanna be any smaller!



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I'm going to get into the 10's and then see how I feel. It's been so long since I weighed under 11 stone I can't imagine what I'll look like!


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I have load's of weight to lose, so I am breaking it down into 3 stone goal's until I get near to my final target weight (it dosen't look so daunting this way) and then it will depend on what my BMI is and how I feel about myself and how I look - but that is a long time away yet.

Good luck with your weight loss, and your goals.
Hey bellybee,

I am in the sam situation so I have decided to set my first taret as 10% and then small goals after that.

My initial thoughts is to aim for the top end of my BMI weight range and then see how I feel... and set it from there.

L xx


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My start weight was 12st 3lb and my aim is to get to 9st7lb (which was my perfect weight before the gain).


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Hey, At the minute I only have Mini goals really, I have a 1yr old son, so just want to be back to pre-baby weight!! I found my pregnancy diary, and I am using the weights I logged in there as a guide. I was 14st 7 at 7months, 12st 10lbs at 5weeks. So I'm aiming to get to there, then estimate how much more I need to lose...

...small steps, seems to be the best way!! :) xx


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Thanks for the advice everyone I will aim for my 10% first and go from there. I am losing weight and then hoping to try for a baby in a few months. I hope to get to at least 16st before i try as then I would have lost about 20% of my body weight and whilst still being obese will hopefully be in a healthier position to start trying. I hope that if i do get pregnant I will continue with SW throughout pregnancy.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Aw that's great. When I got pregnant I had already lost 12lbs on WW, and was told to stop a.s.a.p... so I did, and the weight piled back on. You're right to want to continue healthy eating, that's the one thing i'd suggest when you get pregnant!! Good like with trying to concieve ;) I'm aiming to lose weight so we can try for our second child, goal date it December :) (if I can wait that long, getting broody!!) Xx
I have always set my goal at around 9 and a half stone, but I am only 5ft so every 1lb shows. Now that I am half way to target I think I would like to be 9stone or my ultimate would be to be 8 stone something so thats what I am aiming for - I dont care if its 8 stone 13 and a half pounds lol as long as I can say I weigh 8 stone something:) I am also heading for a tummy tuck once I reach target and for that I need a BMI below 25 so will focus on that too.

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