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your group

Dunno how many go - probably about 40 ish - but Id say bout 12 stay x


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My last group was HUGE!!

Was about 100 I think, was always at least 5 new people every week. I didn't like it as my group before that was much smaller.

My new group only has about 30 people and about 10 people stay. x


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when i first started last september we had about 20 stay now its more like 50 and sometimes we have to find chairs from other rooms it was alot better before as she dont seem to have time for everyone now xxx


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We have about 25 who regularly stay but the group is huge. WI is for half hour and there is usually a queue for the entire time

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My group is massive, loads of people never stay, thank goodness! we never have time to do tasting sessions, or anything other than slimmer of week, month, raffle and how everyone has done..Round of applause, LOL


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not sure how many members but we only had about 10 stay to class, then our consultant left and the area manager took over, who is obviously more experienced and knowledgable. the weight losses have also increased since she started. the class has now double, which is good in some ways but worse in others - i.e. i get there at 5:10pm and end up leaving about 6:45pm/7pm whereas before it was 45 mins - 1 hour.


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I take the money at our group and on the sheet where you sign in there is normally about 30-35 people but on only about 10-15 people stay.
went to my first class on monday, leader says normally has 30-40 people, only 10 stayed to class. Leader was brilliant, she seemed to really care and easy to talk to, makes all the difference, at WW used to pay money, get weighed, she'd say well done and that was that

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