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Your hopes for July?


Enjoying life!
What do you hope for in July? It doesn't necessarly have to be weight loss related.

I hope to:

  • lose a stone
  • remain as focused as I am now
  • spend time pulling up my falling down clothes! (lol) :D
  • add plenty more buttons to my LL bag
  • get a pay rise at work
  • get lots of compliments on my weight loss :D
Kat xx
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Hi Katalena
Good idea and good thread
I hope that my family are still healthy and well most importantly after that:-
I hope that I am still on plan
I hope that I am in a smaller size clothes at the end of July
I hope that I am not as stressd as work as I am now
I hope that the world doesn't end!!
hi there
by the end of july i hope:

i am the same weight as now
i am 100% focussed on LL
that being on the 6 weeks holiday hasn't thrown me out of routine
i will be excercising regularly

daisy x

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey kat,
in july i would like to

1.make plenty of money in the salon :D(staff are sooo expensive LOL)

2.keep really focused on ship and not gain any weight

3.have a fab holiday and see hubby, maybe leave as 2 and come home as 3 :eek:?????

4.come back focused and ready to loose the last stone or so on lite ( i reserve the right to amend this should 3 apply:D:D:D)


Playing the Angel
Awesome thread Kat, you are a busy poster today :)

So my wishes for July are:

1) To get down into the 10stones range and size 12 clothes size
2) For my cat to finally start calling so she can go to her fab cat husband and get pregnant
3) To enjoy my time visiting Yorkshire
4) To stay focussed on LL and remain 100% abstinent
5) To study loads for my Britishness Test and somehow save 1k for the indef leave to remain
6) If I have any time left, to start my business plan for the new venture.



is Magdalicious
My goals for July would be...

* continue with LL on 100% abstinence (from now on ;)) and losing another stone
* get some more time off as i have been working extremely hard for the past 6 months with having very little time for myself
* have a bbq for all my friends to celebrate the summer and a new slimmer me (and staying abstinent during! ;))
* spending more time with The Man :D


...we're sinking deeper.
Goals and hopes for July...

* To have the strength to keep going forward.
* To have the strength to keep ignoring the little 'food' monsters.
* Keep maintaining my weight and learning more about myself.
* To help others and embrace the Police Volunteering opportunity.
* To enjoy my holiday and try not to obsess.
My Goals are..

* My LO remains as well as she is now.
* To lose 14lbs.
* To remain on track
My goals for July:

*To stay abstinant and hopefully be almost ready for RTM by the end
*To keep enjoying the gym and up my lifting from 160 to 170kg's
*To spend as much time with my friends as I can
*To learn at least 4 new songs on the guitar
*To spend as little money as possible! :p
My goals for July are

- To finish foundation and start development
- to enjoy my 40th birthday
- to get to a 4 stone loss
- to enjoy my new slimmer body


LL Gal

Beautiful day
Hi all,

My July goals:
1) lose at least 14lbs
2) remain abstinent
3) keep in touch with friends, keep busy social life despite LL
4) continue to appreciate the opportunity to lose weight rather than feeling deprived
5) sleep better
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I Can Do This!
I have a set of goals in my head for the whole programme. During July though my goals are:
  • to move from obese to overweight
  • to fit size 14 comfortably
  • to remain 100% abstinent through a week staying with various old friends 'down south'
  • to accept the inevitable strokes graciously
  • to be strong enough to rebut the expected negative comments about the diet
More too, but that's enough!
I am due to start LL next week my main hope for July is to be able to stick to it 100%! Having been a 'foodie' my whole life I am more than a little nervous about giving it up but I have been reading this forum for the past few weeks before making my decision and I am sure you will all be able to help out!


Making it all add up
Nice thread, my hopes for July:

  • To not lose any more weight
  • To not put on more than 3-4 lbs
  • To remain healthy & free of Summer bugs
  • Not to obsess about holiday
  • Stop counting days
  • Stop counting calories


Silver Member
This really is a nice thread :)


* To move from Overweight to Healthy weight range
* To start RTM
* To recognise the negative comments that are starting to come out for what they are :rolleyes:
* To continue to be positive and feel as motivated and proud as I do right now :)
hello everyone

my goals for july are

- get to under 13 stone
- look fabulous at a wedding on 27th july
(have just bought my first little black dress ever !!)
- keep focused and remain 100% absitinent
- cook lots of lovely meals for my husband and not eating any !!!

x x x x x


Silver Member
To enjoy a holiday with my family
To de-stress and put work behind me
To carry on the good work I've put in so far
Thats all I can think of presently.What a fantastic thread -well done!


I Can Do This!
OOh Jazzy have a great holiday with the family!

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