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Your Mission (should you choose to accept it...)

I'm really bored today, so I thought I'd try and liven things up a bit. :D

Sometimes life can be far too serious. And dull.

So. This is your challenge:

Put a post on another thread - I suspect it'll have to be an "Off Topic" one, and NOT this one (for reasons which will become clear), which TOTALLY DOESN'T reflect what you really think.

Some of us have got to know each other fairly well, over time. But (unless we were friends before all of this) almost exclusively in one just one main area of our lives. So we THINK we know a bit about each other. But can we be sure?

If you post something which is SOOOO not you: who would notice? and who would take you totally seriously?

I may not have explained it very well. But if the thread is, say, about favourite films, and you are a horror junkie, then trying putting "Bambi".

Of course, you then have to lurk around the thread, to see if people seem to believe you.

Come back on here, and let us know whether you think you got away with it!
Or come back here when you reckon you've spotted a spoof!

I've already had a go, and I *think* people actually believed me. But you never know!
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Now to maintain.....
hahahaha!!! ok so i sooooooooooooooooooo know yours!!!!


Now to maintain.....
i have spent all morning confuddled thinking 'noooooooo omg how weird,id never have thought it!!!'......now i instantly know and feel stupid as...lalala!!!!! mightily relieved but stoopid!
That's ok, Lurverick. I accepted a challenge, and did it. It's a bit scary when people believe you!

So I thought I'd pass the challenge on...
Well I AM glad!

I'd hate to think that people really thought that was my taste.

But a challenge is a challenge, you see!

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