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Your opinions please?

Im finding it really hard to stick to my points im totally useless at having one little treat, or one slice of toast etc. I find every day a real challenge and then the weekends are just a disaster - so I was thinking of trying a low carb diet wherby my cravings would be lessened (hopefully) but I would still stick to my points because I like going to meetings getting weighed etc - do you think this is a daft idea or could it work - I suppose it is kinda like my own version of the core plan. Now it would be a mild low carb where all fruit and veg is allowed but avoid bread, rice, chocolate and pasta for a bit to give me a kick start.
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Jo Slim

Silver Member
Hi there,

I think it sounds like a great idea, you have to try different things to see what works best for you.Let us know how you get on:)
I suppose low card is a good idea but in moderation. I try to avoid bread. I do have the odd scone but I just try steer clear from toast of any description! I swear my porridge in the morning. I make it with water in the microwave. When its done I usually throw in some berries and a one point fat free yoghurt. It fills you up for hours! If you are exercising I think it's very important to eat carbs...maybe just try stick with wholegrain? Brown rice is really filling!
While low carb shows results very quickly... the moment u start eating carbs again they also show thier effect really quickly.. ive done atkins in the past and its not healthy. I agree with the lady above. Maybe cut back on ur MAIN BAD CARB and stillhave good carbs like fruit and veg.
My bad carb is pasta, although i find low fat noodles dont make me bloated like full on pasta. I try to avoide this unless there is no other option.

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