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Your snacks


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I try to mix them, although have had too little fruit/veg I think!! Am going to try a week of mainly fruit/veg snacks to try to kick start the loss again!!

:) Rhi :)
I def have too little fruit and veg as well but it's my first week and i'm excited about how many nice treats are under 100 cals!! I'm now really worried i won't have lost any at my first weigh in on tuesday. Oh well if i haven't then i'll know what to do! I feel loads better in myself anyway.


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i tend to have a mixture of snacks i try to vary them so i dont get bored
I don't really eat much fruit or veg! Sometimes I have a plum or some strawberries but I mostly have Quavers and porridge :D


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Only my first day on the plan but I will have Slim Fast chocolate bars, Slim Fast Pretzels, and Slim Fast chedder bites as my snacks as I hate fruit.
its my weigh in day on tuesdays too :D
for my snacks i have ww or slim fast snacks or fruit. my favourite snack last week was a box of weight watchers carrot cake. i had one a day. defo going to buy another box of them as they were yum.
Mmm I love carrot cake do the WW ones have raisens? Someone at work bought in once a loads m&s cake/slices individually wrapped I chose the carrot cake one thinking I was being healthy and it was 1100 cals lolol
no it didnt have raisons in. but it did have a frosted top. was yummy. i think you can get differnt types of them. am getting some more on my next shop :D
I try and mix mine up too so i don't get bored. Fruit, snack a jacks, french fries, cake bars, pink wafers, yoghurt :)
I mainly have fruit in the week, and at the weekend will have something else (muller rice etc - even though they are 103 cals!!). But if you dont like fruit, anything for 100 cals is great!!
as of today i've changed to fruit and veg snacks only...going to limit myself to a chocolate bar WHEN REQUIRED...i.e. when my cravings get too much to handle! haha x

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