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Your thoughts please...


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I've just been chatting to my colleagues who have said that since i've been dieting they're afraid to bring food into the office because they feel bad.

We've also got some christmas parties coming up, and again people say they feel bad about it because i wont be eating.

Every night my husband sits next to me and whinges about feeling bad when he eats...

I certainly haven't mentioned feeling bad and i don't care if they eat. I made the commitment to myself to not slobber after food when i started Exante as it's unrealistic to expect everyone else not eat just because i'm not.

I really don't understand why we make everyone else feel so bad... it's us that should be feeling bad! I wonder if they really do feel bad, or are just trying to make themselves feel better by saying they feel bad... x
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I know what you mean. My friend at work asks me if it's ok for her to have her lunch in the office? I don't mind at all, she can eat what she likes.

My husband however is not affected by this and sometimes i find him really irritating, especially if hes crunching away during the evening!
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I think its the importance that we give to food, which is why people feel bad. Food is not just about nutrition and giving the body what it needs, but emotional satisfaction etc. I think that they do genuine feel bad, as they feel that your missing out on the experience.
I am experiencing this at home with my mum (yeah I really should get my own place at my age, maybe when I get a pay rise lol). She sometimes buys cakes from the local bakery but said she'll stop because she feels guilty, it came out of nowhere and I was like NOOOO please don't stop enjoying food just because I refuse to have any... when she said it I automatically felt bad like I maybe gave her the impression I would get the hump if she sat their eating the food that made me overweight. I ended up saying to her buy whatever you want, cakes, crisps, take aways, it wont bother me and infact I'll enjoy giving it a sniff :giggle:. She's lucky though, 10 stone, been slim all her life and can eat whatever she wants. In fact, all my family are slim... I'm the fatty of the family :( *sigh*.


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You are not responsible for anyone else's feelings - only your own. You are doing what you want to do - aren't you? So tell them not to worry and carry on. You will be pleased when its done, be clear on what is your issue and what is not.



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Hi Steph
My colleague at work took to eating at canteen instead of with me then joined me for a coffee / tea but explained she felt bad because she knew she should be making more healthy choices for herself so had huge guilt issues for herself.
She also felt if she took temptation away from me it would be easier for me to keep going as i was doing so well.Bless her
I still asked her what she had eaten and had that moment of "ooh mac n cheese" i remember that taste" like some kinda porno foodie which creased her up laughing.
Just sort out in you head who's uncomfortable for you or for themselves....

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