You're only going to gain it all back!!!

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  1. Nata

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hello all! today i was offered a piece of chocolate at work and said no. a person sitting in front of me said to me after "didn't you have the chocolate?" i said "no i'm not eating ,i'm on a diet" he said you should not do that because after you are just going to gain it all back.
    Now normally this wouldn't have affected me at all and i would have mabye just explained how the diet works etc but today it just made me so cross! esepcially because in the past i have explained to this person how it works! ( mabye he wasn't listening ) . I just said no i won't , it is a controlled diet and has steps in place so that won't happen it's not just me not eating anything at all!
    Anyways...sorry for the moan i think i am grumpy today and this just made me feel really bad like people think i don't know what i'm doing and that it will all be for nothing :(
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  3. littlemissspendthrift

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    i hate people like that... most people at my work have been really encouraging and interested in the diet. i actually feel like im on a trial - if it works for me then i think some others will try it. so im trying to set a brilliant example and lose loads of weight, then encourage others about it.
  4. misscheeky

    misscheeky Gold Member

    awww forget about it hun. some people just arnt worth the breath
  5. LoveLea

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    Cambridge Diet
    Most of the people at my work are ok , some even thinking of going on CD but others are just like u will just put it back on.................will they all just give it a rest please and give us a chance least we are doing something about our weight!!!
  6. Nata

    Nata Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    yes i knwo what you mean! i find most people at work are really happy for me and always ask me how it's going ..but to get there i had to "defend" the diet at the beggining because the first reaction was always "you'll get sick!" you can't just have 3 shakes a day! and it took a lot out of me having to explain to every person why it was ok etc.
  7. genic

    genic Member

    Same here, my collegues were sceptical at first but now they have seen the weight literally drop off, they're soooo supportive! It's inevitable though that there will always be one or two who just don't get it.
  8. wannabslim

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    When I was on work placement my boss was really judgemental (about everyone and any little thing they did was criticised), and basically I felt I couldnt actually do the diet whilst working there due to how bad they made me feel. Even when I did Atkins I had to pretend I wasnt on a diet cos they were all that critical!! Shame, as I could have been at goal by now if I hadnt felt so pressurised not to diet.

    Hey ho, now I have left and am loving being on SS!! Goal, here I come!
  9. murraymills

    murraymills Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I really know what you mean - I've got so fed up of explaining about the CD and having to justify why I'm SS'ing that I just now say that I'm not hungry/feeling well to turn down food - why do we need to explain why we are not accepting food, a simple no thanx should be enough! Keep your chin up mate and just think how great you'll feel and look when you prove him wrong:D.

    Love Murray xx
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  10. Geena Gee

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    I'ts such a shame as I have had nothing but support from the people who know at my workplace.

    They can't wait to hear how well I've done each week. There's also a girl there who is doing the same diet and started a couple of weeks before me. We check up on each other. It's great!!

    In respect of the other people who don't know....when we have training courses, management meetings etc and lunch is supplied I excuse myself and eat in my car. By the time I get back the food has been eaten. If they notice anything they don't comment!
  11. poppygreendog

    poppygreendog Silver Member


    I know its sad that we have to feel like we cannot talk about this diet, particularly as talking about it keeps us focused, however, I just think that people are often envious of the control we are demonstrating by being able to complete this mamouth challenge, why else would they be so negative.

    I'm quite lucky, my husband knows how much this means to me and is so far delighted with the slimmer me, my family are also really cool with it.

    Some of my friends are'nt that helpful to be honest but I tend not to talk about it or engage them in conversations about my weight loss. If they compliment me, I say thank you and move onto another subject.

    I have decided that I only need positive, negativity I can do without so perhaps I sound a bit harsh but it will ensure my success.

    Good luck - remember how well you are doing and why you are doing it - FOR YOU.

  12. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    My sister in law never fails to tell me how dangerous this diet is and how I will put more weight back on afterwards etc etc, These people are jealous because we are changing our lives for the better, dont let them get to you hunni.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. munchkin_b

    munchkin_b Member

    my work colleagues were the main reason i started this bloody diet.

    i've never been happy with my weight but i guess i should thank them for spurring me to do something about it.

    i work in a small office all women in a solicitors and they are both stick thin, size 8 or smaller. and about a week and a half ago they both turned on me and said that if i lost some weight id look better and when was the last time i excercised.

    i haven't told them i am dieting yet im just waiting till i get to my goal weight then im going to buy them both a box of chocolates and thank them for being so horrible because its what has spurred me to loose the weight.

    :) ( and maybe then stick two fingers up in there face)

    I know its hard but you're doing this for you and no-body else. just try to keep what you want in focus and ignore them. they are probably jealous that you are doing so well

  14. Yvonne

    Yvonne Member

    Don't worry about it - some people just 'get off' on trying to make others feel bad because you are doing something to effect positive change in your life... Last time I dieted - I had people leaving anonymous chocolate bars on my desk and spreading it around the office that I had an eating disorder!! - the 2 involved in this had weight issues themselves - so I think me losing weight made them feel bad - you stick to CD and show them..

  15. nixxi

    nixxi New Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I am about to begin the Cambridge Diet

    Hi I am going to begin the Cambridge Diet next week Monday.

    I have been getting alot of negitive feedback. Having a look on her has gained me confidence and I am so glad that this forum was recommended to me.

    I am 13stone 2 lbs and my ideal weight loss is 10 stone 7lbs.
  16. WhiteSheep

    WhiteSheep Member

    Bec , I cant believe they did that to you! What horrid people there are about, and looking at your ticker you dont have loads to lose (not that it makes any difference to what they said).
    I know what I would do with that box of chocs when you do get to goal, stick it up their............!
  17. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    ignore him, or just say, ok, we'll see!
    you'll be the one one laughing when your slim and confident!
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  19. munchkin_b

    munchkin_b Member

    lmao trust me that has crossed my mind. no i havent got a huge amount to loose about a stone and im not huge now im rouhgly size 12 but they are just mean and get off on other peoples upset. i know it doesn't make what they say hurt any less but it sure is an insentive.

    as my mum put it to me " atleast you can change your weight, they cant change the fact that they are ugly as sin" :D
  20. hanloje

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    Doesn't it just make you more determined to show them! I've had comments from 'you'll gain it all back' to 'diets like that are dangerous'... without people even asking what I'm doing. I've had a few ladies notice my weight loss and ask which diet I'm on which I've passed on, but it is annoying that people have such predujice without even knowing the facts. We'll show those doubters out there!!!
  21. nearlyslimlady

    nearlyslimlady Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I've had the same comments, especially from my sister who I think is now jealous as she is now larger than me!! I also had a lady at my daughters school who told I would put it all back on and probably more when I started eating - so I told her that it was negative comments from ignorant people like her that made me more determined to keep it off and you can gain weight with any diet you do not just CD - its just up to you to change your lifestyle. She was not impressed and even more so when her husband commented on how good I was looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
  22. munchkin_b

    munchkin_b Member

    haha thats brilliant you go girl !!!
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