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  1. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Hi Guys and Galls!

    My name is Dana and i am about to start the LL plan. I am attending the info session this evening.

    I just have a few questions I am hoping some of you will have the time to answer and I do appreciate you will have heard them time and time again.

    1. Hair loss? Is this a common side effect?

    2. Regaining weight after the finishing? Are there any members out there that can tell me their experience since finishing the plan and how long they have maintained their weight?

    3. Working out? I have lost over the last two years a total of 4.5 stone but it's creeping back on. I am a member of a gym and tend to go at least 4 times a week, is this ok to do whilst following the plan?

    4. Skin? Is it likely to have loose skin from the rapid weight loss or can this be helped by working out?

    they are the four main ones I can think of at the moment but I may add more soon lol

    I appreciate your comments

    Dana x
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  3. Huseyin

    Huseyin Silver Member

    Hi Dana

    Firstly well done for choosing the programe

    to answer some of the questions for you

    1. its possible, does not happen for all but as soon as you are done it will go back to normal, you can take vitamin tablets to help if you are that worried, remember its only temporary.

    2. Im on it now and hve not done the maintenance yet. BUT. a friend of mine has been maintaining for 10 months now with no probs, others on here for longer. They key is (councellor told me) is to keep it off for 10 months, the body then will memorise its new shape, this way you wont be fighting with yourself.

    3. take it easy for the first week, when you are in ketosis fully (in week 2) you will feel energetic and can resume your exercises, but just listen to your body.

    4. with rapid weight loss there is loose skin, it all depends on the amount you want to loose. if you are 25 stones then you will get loose skin as the skin cant adapt quick enough due to the rapid change. If you are under 35 the skin should stretch back over time, if it does not then surgery will be th only way.

    It really depends on your body that one is hard to tell at this stage.
  4. da-na-na-na

    da-na-na-na Full Member

    Hi Huseyin!

    Thanks so much for your comments.
    I am very excited to start i guess my main worry is spending all the money and then, once finished gaining the weight again.

    I am 12.5 stone at the moment and am looking to lose 3.5, I hope it doesn't take too long lol

    D x
  5. annaphylactic

    annaphylactic Guess who's back...?

    Personally, I have had a real issue with this... I had a LOT of hair to start with, but it is falling out rapidly at the moment... it's not coming in patches (I don't think!) but it is quite concerning. I was find for around the first three months then it went crazy... everywhere I go I leave a little pile! Hehe. I am going to look into vitamin tablets or something today... although I know it will stop and come back when I finish the programme, it's more antisocial that anything else... I'm maulting more that my cats!!

    I'm still in the programme so can't really comment, but I too know of people that have maintained for a long time. The key really is seeing Route to Management through to the end (it is a further 12 weeks after you reach goal... introduces food slowly and teaches you life lessons for managing food/portions etc). Added to all the work you will do with your group, it really is what makes Lighter Life so special :)

    I have been USELESS and hardly exercised at all!! The general rule of thumb is that if you were exercising before you started LL you should be able to carry on. It isn't recommended that total couch potatoes start the diet and try and get fit at the same time - you'd be better to do some pilates/yoga/swimming instead... gentle toning. While in foundation you will be giving a few exercise aids (resistance band, inflatable ball) and DVDs...

    It's all about remembering you don't have much fuel - so cardio is a bit of a no-no I reckon. I'm starting going to the gym now but just concentrating on weights to tone up :)

    I think with the amount you've got to lose you should be ok. I've lost 64lbs and haven't really had a problem at all - I am definitely less 'firm', but this is down to the fact my skin isn't being stretched to oblivion by all the fat... my waist/tummy have popped back (see pics in my album for the scary underwear shots!!)... but my bum feels a little 'loose', not saggy per se, but wobblier than before!!!

    I hope this helps a bit... good luck with the programme... with 3.5 stone to lose, you should be done either in the 14 week foundation, or just after... it really is incredibly quick - embrace it, it will fly by!!

    Anna xx
  6. Huseyin

    Huseyin Silver Member

    that's minor you will be fine, a friend of mine (girl) lost that exact weight and no loose skin reported.

    About the money, if i said to you Dana give me £700 and i will shred that 3.5 stones for you, would you do it? :) remember its a small price to pay to reach that goal.

    Cant wait to see your results. Im about 2 stones away now from my target i had about a stone more then your target to loose.
  7. bekimo

    bekimo Fighting Demons....

    Also, regarding money, I actually sat down and worked out all of the money I spent on "the weekly shop", takeaways, lunch at work from the sandwich shop, fizzy drinks, snacks, meals out and alcohol and it came to far more than £66 per week. So in actual fact, I am saving money!

    Plus, I walk more places now so I use less petrol in the car!!

    B x

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