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I'm really struggling here, I really don't like the taste of the LT product, I know they're not supposed to be 'tasty' but I'm surprised i've not read anyone else saying they are gross!!

I had the strawberry milkshake this morning which filled 2 large glasses and I was really struggling to finish.

I've just done the hotchocolate with a sweetner and i was almost heaving towards the end, I really had to force it down :(

I'm not going to give up but I'm hoping maybe other people felt like this and got used to them?

i was planning on getting some flapjacks but from peoples reactions on here it might not help the situation!!

Do you think I'd be best off making a mousse 3 times a day, eating it quick and drinking the extra water?
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Urgh the mousse is horrible, I have my shakes with crushed ice, I put coffe in the vanilla tastes really nice x
i can't stand coffee :(


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I DEFFO go with the ice peersonally. Are u making em up in a whizzer? I like to add a couple of sweeteners to mine too - and I also double the water content on them too as I not only think they are SCRUMMY but also helps with my water intake... the colder they are the btetter they taste imo.. I can drink them warm but prefer it cold - i dont change anything with mine, every shake is the same and I only like strawb and choc. Good luck with the crapjacks - rather u than me but u may like em, they are an aquired taste!! Maybe look at it like medicine?? Down the hatch and get it done?? no other suggestions, sorry but hang in there!!! x


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I must be the odd one out, I love all 3 flavours of shakes!!!
x x x


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I think once you heat them up they are horrible! Out of them all i think the choc one is the least offensive. Try it just blended with ice and it's fine :)
The flapjacks i found to be okay but they are not 'nice' as such. They are fine and do make a change from the shakes. Try one when you collect your supplies and then you can decide whether to get more or not. You need to drink a big glass of water with them though as they are very dry. Only take small bites too, or just break off small bits.


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TracyAnne said:
I must be the odd one out, I love all 3 flavours of shakes!!!
x x x

Me too, even like the soup!!!


Back on the diet train...
Hey have you tried using a straw? Helps me loads and just think its melting the fat away. :)

Good luck


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Try the chocolate with cold peppermint tea!! Mint choc chip!! With lots of ice!!! : )

You do get used to them!! X
I had strawb wth ICE this morning oh how I love ice! :D Made it very edible!!

I can't be going into ketosis yet can I? only started yesterday morning but my breath stinks :jelous: