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Yummy mummy I WILL be!

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by kirstie24, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    I'm Kirstie I'm 25, children 1&3yrs, married...... And about 71/2 stones over weight!
    This is my first time on slim and save and on a vlcd so I'm excited and nervous about what to expect.
    I think I may need to keep a diary to keep me motivated, I have a holiday in sept, first one abroad for 3 years and I cannot go looking like this!
    So here I am day one (simplicity 4 packs), had a cafe latte shake for breakfast, hot with a spoon of coffee it was yummy. Then took kids to a play centre which was difficult my youngest was trying to feed me quavers and my friend had a sausage sandwich which was hard to observe! Came home about 12 starving and had a glass of water and tomato soup which was also lovely. So all in all I'm pleasantly surprised with packs thought they would taste powdery. Only ordered taster pack so need to order again this week, will get a month this time.
    Going to have cottage pie with broccoli for 3rd pack then a bar tonight.
    Any support gratefully received :)
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  3. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Starting to think that I shouldn't bother coming downstairs because I'm up and down to toilet constantly! This has to be a good sign right?
  4. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    Definitely a good sign. I think the packs are generally pretty yummy. Force feeding you quavers - that's just not fair!!

    Good luck with it.
  5. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Well done on resisting a sausage sarnie! I'm so glad I'm moving soon and new house has a downstairs loo haha x
  6. Sammy33

    Sammy33 Gold Member

    Yep yep think of it as flushing out the weight - as well as any toxins. You will notice that you start glowing soon with all the extra water! Well done on resisting the food. I'm still obsessed with watching people eat. I want it. But I want to lose weight more. And very very gradually the want to lose weight more resistance muscle pulls tight and helps me not cave in!

    If you stick to plan you usually lose around a stone a month. I know life and social activities get in the way and you can either stay on plan or plan a break - but either way, if you stick with it, you will definitely have lost it all by your holiday!

    Make use of these forums hun - they're great support and a good hunger pang distraction during this first week!! Xx
  7. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Thanks guys, have to say I loved my tea I had cottage pie as planned and it was delicious. I have also downloaded a water app on my phone which reminds me to drink and tells me how much I should be drinking. I am useless at remembering to drink.
    Here goes day 2 can never face food at this time and my eldest is still asleep so when she gets uo ill be having a vanilla shake and a decaf coffee.
    Just feeling the dull beginnings of a headache too can I take paracetamol?
  8. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    You can take paracetamol but also you'll find that the water kicks in pretty quick - so get glugging. I found I got mild headaches first thing when I was dehydrated.

    Hope you have a good day
  9. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Thanks cliquant :) x
  10. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Omg got no energy whatsoever feel exhausted even putting one foot in front of the other is a challenge!
    So far ive had vanilla shake hot with a spoon of coffee and veg soup both were yummy. Just making chilli with cabbage not an inspiring combo but cabbage is all I have in. Plus I'm starving so I'm sure I will devour it!
    Also had 3 litres of water and pleased to say headache didn't amount to anything :)
    The biggest torture is the fact that I'm making hubby and kids sausage, mash, veg and gravy :( however eating sausage and mash is how I ended up here (amongst other things) so will be baring that in mind!
  11. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    I find if I'm cooking for my OH I just get something in the oven and get him to serve it. Then I go to the kitchen and get mine so I'm sat at the table less. Love sausage and mash though!

    Glad the water helped. I think I drank a swimming pool's worth today. I'm doing yoga in half an hour and I'm sure I'll be makign a sloshing noise as I move!!
  12. NumptyMum

    NumptyMum Full Member

    Hiya subscribing :) x
  13. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Hiya numptymum. I do wish my son would stop getting up at 5.30 it makes a hungry day so much longer! Finished off with a choc orange bar last night which was delicious!
    Trying something different every meal as I have the taster pack going ti have to order again tomorrow.
    Going to have a caramel shake this morning then soup for lunch not sure which flavour. Been avoiding the thai one as im sure I won't like it, anybody got any suggestions as to what I can do with it?
  14. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Eurgh... porridge is awful couldn't even force myself to eat it had to throw it away. Having chicken soup instead which is much nicer :) x
  15. Clinquant

    Clinquant Gold Member

    I really liked the Thai soup as it is but you can make it into a biscuit/crisp thing by adding a tiny bit of water to make it into a paste and then microwaving on some baking paper then let it go cool and crispy. Watch it like a hawk though so it doesn't go too brown. I used to have that almost every day with a cup of bouillon when I did Lighter Life and they didn't have meal packs. It is quite spicy though so it is a bit of a love/hate thing from what others have said.
  16. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Might try it like that then :) had a bad experience with microwaving a bar on Monday one piece burbt serverely and it wad literally in s few secs, the smell was horrific hubbt thought id beew setting fire to kitchen lol.

    Just had my 3rd pack spaghetti bolognese, it was delicious I put some garlic salt and mixed herbs in and had it with broccoli. I can actually say for the first time in 3 days I'm stuffed! Still got a litre of water to drink and a bar for later which I have just discovered is my last so will be ordering tonight!
  17. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Well Im loving this diet, just about to have my 3rd pack which Will be curry with cauliflower. I have only disliked porridge so far. Had a chocolate shake this morning and it was lush!
    Think I might be in Ketosis too horrid taste in mouth, horrid breath and can honestly say I haven't been hungry today.
    Day 4 started very bad though we all overlaid little one got in bed with me at 5 and must have both nodded off and eldest didn't wake til 8.20 we have to leave for school at 8.45! By the time I had got to work I felt like I could run a marathon I had so much energy!
    No bars until order comes tomorrow so will have to have a shake later.

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  18. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Made my shake into a muffin in the end it was ok but a bit chewy?! Day 5 today up way to early as usual but got a busy day.
  19. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Still going strong on day 6 but the weekend has brought many hurdles.... Saturday routine is cafe breakfast in town with kids and my mum, my daughter whined on and on so felt guilty and took them ill leave you to imagine what I had to endure! Then as a treat if she is good and walks (shes only 3) she has lollypop from Thorntons my fav place in all the world. And to top this wonderful day off hubby ate a chinese ready meal and I made spicy pasta which was not nice, no taste at all :( hopefully tomorrow won't be so testing x
  20. kirstie24

    kirstie24 Full Member

    Week one 10lbs down so pleased and relieved. anybody had experience with this diet and delayed periods I know a lot of people are having the opposite trouble but I'm rarely late but was due on fri and still no sign?
  21. Kayroo

    Kayroo Silver Member

    Well done! That's an amazing loss!! :D

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