Red Days yummy original tea

j4ckos mate

Full Member
we got some frozen chicken, (the sort you buy frozen from the supermarket in bulk bags) out at noon, went to classs after work got weighed lost 4.5 lb:), came back it was defrosted put it on the george formby, chopped an onion and a red pepper up, put two wholemeal pitta breads in the toaster each, took the chicken off, cut it up to small bits put it back on again for a couple of minutes. pitta breads done, open them up, put mostly veg in one and cheicken and veg in the other. it was absolutely beautiful, one of the nicest quickest easiest teas we have ever had, it so nice it felt like cheating , but had 9 syns in, had a vanilla m/light, absolutley bursting full now three hours later, thoroughly recommend it.
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