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Zero coke...

If following the plan 100% then no. Some people do drink it with no side effects but I know that personally for myself it seems to slow weight loss down. So I dont have it but I do know people who drink a glass a day and it doesn't seem to effect their weight loss.
I had it while doing ss though technically not 100% didn't slow my loss at as far as i knowl. But as it is gassy can make your tummy rumble so you feel hungrier.

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i have heard other people say that it doesnt affect them but others it does. im just wondering isnt it something you would like to get out of in the long run. i have found that fizzy drinks were my downfall and they do say even the diet drinks arent meant to be very good for you either.

i was a coke addict and havent had even a glass for about 6 months now. i think if you can go through not eating any food at all you could definitely go without drinking coke.. even if it is zero. cdcs say you are not allowed to and i would personally go with that. x


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I don't drink coffee but I used to drink LOADS of Coke Zero. One of the good things about the diet is that it got me used to water again and I have to say I feel much better for it.
Like others above, I don't drink tea and coffee and had a complete addiction to diet coke - had severe caffeine withdrawals when I started this diet! I now give myself a treat at the weekend and have one can of coke zero but stick to the water during the week.

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