Zero energy :(


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Hi guys.

Im a bit worried. I am on day 6 of tfr and I have zero energy, even typing this is hard. I feel weak, have ha headache, heavy limbs, aching joints, stomach rumbling, Im sleeping a lot more than usual. Im absolutely freezing im living in my dressing gown and slippers even though the heating has been on all day. When I stand up I feel as if im going to slump to the floor. Its awful.

I read before I started lipotrim that this was normal first 3 days until ketosis kicks in then I will stop feeling hungry and have a burst of energy. I have read on the forum of people having loads more energy but Im feeling worse every day.

Will this go or is tfl just not for me? Going to have my first weigh in tomorrow so Ill speak to the pharmisicist then I just dont want to give up the hard work ive done this week. I have read that Ketosis is dangerous for the kidneys and liver and my family are worried about my health but if it was dangerous the pharmasicst wouldnt allow it would they/

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks x
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I had this on day 8, I could barely do anything, but the next day I was fine. i think this happenes every now and again :)


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Hi Winter Daughter,
I am on Day 8 and i feel exactly the same, even feeling like i need to eat.
I've even taken some pro plus with advice from the pharmacy and still feel like am gonna drop down with exhaustion.
I've done lipotrim before and i never suffered like this on it, this time is really hard. Before i struggled on week 3, but this time have struggled from day 3.


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All perfectly normal, good days and bad days, even totally horrid think I'm going to faint days......stick with it!