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Zero Noodles..low cal, zero carb noodle

Hi guys, I just wanted to stop by and tell you about Shirataki Noodles...Im from the Atkins forum where they are quite popular and after contacting the company they said that they were compatible with the Dukan diet too...so just though you might like to know :)
You might already know about them but basically they are a real filler/ life saver on a diet.
They are only 10 cals per pack, zero carb, zero fat, zero sugar and high fiber... worth a try! xx
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I think most of us have heard of shirataki noodles, I personally find them disgusting and very expensive, tried them once, never again. Now that i'm on conso i can eat real noodles again:)
Asian supermarkets or online stores selling Japanese food are your best bet. They are usually sold "wet" in packets pre-packaged with liquid. They don't taste of much but can add a nice texture to stir fries, soups etc.

They are a staple in Japanese cuisine - google konnyaku. The Japanese eat konnyaku in chopped up blocks as well as the "noodle" thread form and rave about the health benefits. I lived in Japan for a year and was always enthusiastically encouraged to eat my konnyaku even when I strugged with its "slimey" texture at first!

I seem to remember them coming up in the official dukan chat and them getting the thumbs up - can someone else confirm?
Yeah they're allowed as far as I can tell, I've seen threads on this forum talking about them before...Of course I can't find them anywhere but whatever, I can make do without! :) x
I get mine from www.zeronoodles.com, they are the cheapest I'v found. Quite alot of people on the Atkins forum have said that they get them in their local asian supermarkets for cheaper but the ones i have been to around London are quite expensive boooo!

Im a big advocate of them.....as you can probebly guess...in fact i may be verging on a little bit obsessed... heehee
I love shirataki noodles!
The trick is to drain them very well, they are tasteless and absorb the taste of the sauce. Very filling..
Someone asked on Dukan official froum chat if it is OK, they are allowed in all phases including attack:)
I have 3 bags left and don't know when I can find them again, so waiting for the right time to have the last packs:D
I think when a manufacturer/seller of these items knows their food can be used in diet thats of such then they are bound to be expensive. They make more money and we lose weight still so there remains a happy medium :)


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They're fine... but very expensive, and I expect that's because of recent events in Japan which, I admit, has put me off using them!
I get mine online for only £1.58 and thats for 200g so you can get 2 servings from it but you can also get them pretty cheaply in some asian supermarkets... a few ppl on the Atkins forum say they get them for their local asian supermarket for even less then this! I think you just need to shop around for them and they are defo worth it i think.

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