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  1. marooncat

    marooncat Full Member

    I am doing WW at home so do not have any of the books etc so sorry if this question is covered off in one of these.

    Is there any recommendation/restriction on how many items of zero point fruit and veg you eat in a day. I ate the following yesterday

    1 banana
    1 apple
    6 carrots (raw during the day)
    2 sticks celery (raw during the day)
    Onion & Leeks (cooked in my dinner)

    When I type it out like that it does not seem that much, but I could easily eat 2 or 3 apples in a day sometimes...
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  3. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    I think eating at least 5-6 servings of zero point fruit & veggies a day would be fine, but if you're eating three regular meals and still eating 2-3 servings of the more carby fruits & vegetables, I'd point them. But that's just me. I don't know what the rules are.
  4. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    Looking at what you ate, that seems fine to me. It's only two pieces of fruit and three servings of vegetables. That's pretty much spot on in terms of following nutritional guidelines.

    I wouldn't eat huge amounts of fruit because they're high in sugar, but eating 2-3 pieces a day should be fine. Maybe just switch the variety up a bit. Instead of eating 2-3 apples a day, eat an apple, some blueberries and canned pineapple. Or an apple, a banana and a pear. Or whatever.

    Another way to look at it: when you prepare a meal, 1/4 of the plate should be protein, 1/4 carbs, and 1/2 the plate should be vegetables. You can easily get 2-3 servings on half a plate, and that should cover lunch and dinner. Breakfast could be a couple of pieces of fruit and then another piece as a snack, so that's 2-3 servings in a day.

    Then take into account the fact that the points system is different now. I think the old points system gave people extra points because some if not all fruits/veggies had a points value, but now we get less points but the fruit & veggies are free.

    As long as you're not eating whole orchards, and you're losing weight, eat plenty. But if you are stalling, swap some of the fruits for fresh veggies.

    I'm extremely bored, hence the long rambling explanation...
  5. ellaye

    ellaye Full Member

    Dried fruit & canned fruit in syrup isn't zero point though.
  6. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    My old leader said you can eat as much as you want of fruit/veg and not point it as in her words 'noone every got fat overeating fruit'. The amount you gave sounds perfect you dont need to point it
  7. marooncat

    marooncat Full Member

    Thanks for all the replies guys - great to get help like this.

    When you say fruit in syrup is not free does that mean tinned fruit in juice is? That will be great news if so as another "emergency" breakfast sorted
  8. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Hiya i eat loads of fruit and easily have 3 portions of veg at dinner and I still get losses previously.

    I'd just say limit your bananas and grapes if you're having them. WW have adjusted the PP allowance to take into consideration people's fruit/veg in take so don't worry lovely x
  9. CLH_X3

    CLH_X3 Gold Member

    Yes fruit in own juice is 0pp also

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