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Zoe's Count Down To Holiday Diary!

Well, I started slimming world at home on 15th october 2010.. By Jan 2011 I had lost 2stone and go to 10st 5lb.. I totally lost track and have been finding it hard to find the motivation to get back on it. Im going on holiday in september & this morning stepped on the scales to find i was 10st 10lb again and I can feel my clothes feeling very tight again! So time to get back on it!!
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i feel really negative about myself sometimes.. and then look on here and think.. ive lost 10% of my weight.. I know i can do it.. ive done it before and so quickly.. looking at the photos on here really inspire me aswell to keep going and hopefully il be posting my before and after photos aswell! :) Stayed on track so far today. Going to do a healthy food shop tonight so theres more veg etc in the house :) not feeling as hungry as i thought I would.. im more craving chocolate etc but im going to have a option hot choc tonight while watching britans got talent :) x
Well I went out today to Matlocka s the weather was gorgeous and did lots of walking and came home and started sorting the garden for turf to be laid so lotso f body magic!! My healthy food shop comes tomorrow aswell so il lots of superfree!
Food Diary for today:

B - shreddies (heb) & milk (hea)
S - Digestive Buscuit (3syns) & white mouse (2syns)
L - Chicken Fillet
D - Chilli & Rice (3syns)
Total:8 syns

Not a great day but i was out and only thing around me was chipys! so opted for a chicken fillet lol x


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Hi just wanted to say u are doing great! I'm 10stone 9 so similar weight would be great if we could motivate each other I def need the help too :) I too have just started slimming world from home doing extra easy and according to my wii fit I've lost 4pounds already :)

If u want a weight loss buddy I'm here :) xx

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Hi Zoe, well done on your weight loss im sure you can do it again and get back to where you want to be. :) Have you always followed EE? I didnt notice and superfree with your dinner, or maybe you didnt note it down? just thought id check with you as its the only thing that stood out to me! x
hiya lorna.. yep i do EE from hone but i dont always have loads of superfree as i dont like it lol. bt i still loose loads of weight without loads of it anyway so im fine with that lol. i do have superfree included in my meals in sauces etc bt dont note it down what iv put in so i mite start doing that :)
and yeh that wud b great! have u got a diary on here? ive been bk on since 4 days n lost 4lb i wrigh in at home on sat mornings :) xxx
Wish i could get away with that, lol, its some times hard finding veg to go with certain meals, i love fruit though so i get quite alot of superfree that way!
wow 4 pounds already is great, you will be at target in no time. I havnt started a food diary yet, havnt felt iv needed to so far, probs be a good idea though to stop me having any slip ups!
Where is your holiday to in september? my target date is for july for my holiday. x
Well i got loads of clothes from next in a size 10 (im a 12 atm) to help motivate me.. they came this morning and they all fit!! so mite have to take em bk and get a size 8 to motivate me!
Food Diary for today:
B - Weetabix (heb) & milk (hea)
S - Apple
L - x2 bread (7syns), turkey, mayo (0.5syns)
D -chicken breast miranted in tikka with chips & veggies
S - grapes
total: 7.5syns


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Wow well done you :) that's amazing bet you are so chuffed with yourself!

How much have u lost? I'm dying to get back into a size 10! I'm 12-14 at the mo :( do u have any tips?? Xx

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Hiya hun.. i lost 20lb from oct 10 - jan 11.. then stopped and not been propely on track.. so i lost 3lb last week so am 10st 7lb atm.. im a 12 atm.. or so i thought.. seems like im size 10 with next lol.. very flabby size 10 tho.. i just want to lose the rest of my belly weight from my kids.. so about 9 - 9.5stone and ill be happy!!
No tips really hun as i dont even hardly eat any superfree!! xxx


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I'm 10stone 9 at the mo I've lost 4pounds on my 1st week :) I want to be about 9.5 too. Do you think it's realistic to get there in 8weeks which is for my hols?

Do u exercise?


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