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Thread: How many points in tea and coffee with milk and sugar?

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    Red face How many points in tea and coffee with milk and sugar?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Nikki. I'm new to the Weight Watchers...well actually no I'm not...I was a gold member when I was 14 and that was 7 years ago because I'm 21 next month.

    I can't remember how many points are in cups of tea and coffee with milk and sugar/sweetners. Well actually when I was 14 I hated coffee and hardly drank tea but now I love them lol. I drink more tea than coffee and have made the extra effort by not putting sugar or sweetners in my tea but I can't stand coffee with out a bit of sugar or sweetners, I only put in one or 2.

    I know tea and coffee are 0 points by themselves but how many points are cups of tea with milk and cups of coffee with milk and sugar? I usually use skimmed milk, occasionally semi-skimmed - like if I stay at my partners house because his family only have semi-skimmed milk.

    I look forward to hearing from people.

    Nikki :]

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    Tea and coffee is free, so are sweetners.

    1/2pt skimmed milk is 1 point
    1/2pt semi-skimmed milk is 2 points

    I try to have 2 cups per day because im fed up with the caffine so i have 1 points every 2 days

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