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Thread: 84 days...

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    84 days...

    Another diary. Another attempt to lose the lard. Only this time, I'm going to do it.

    84 days. 12 weeks. During which I will change the way I eat for good and have a sustainable plan at the end of it.

    So 12 solid weeks on slim and save. And after that, well I'm not quite sure. Absolutely determined to do this.

    Starting sunday.

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    Hello! I am just over 3 weeks into an 8 week stint. I find it much easier to do, knowing that I have a time limited period to be on the diet. I could potentially be on the diet for 6-9 months but I just can't face that prospect!

    All the best for day 1 tomorrow.

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    Hi, here to subscribe
    Is this day 1 today?x

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