1. L

    Im so unhappy

    Hi guys, im completely new to this website and im not even sure if im posting this in the right place but here goes! Im 22 stone and 20 years old, im so unhappy with my body and over the past 12 months ive gained more weight than ever and i have tried not to think about it until i really sat...
  2. Sharshar001

    newbie to the KETO DIET not newbie to MiniMins

    Oi Oi!!! So the story so far... 2012 I lost 3 and a half stones on dukan diet. Only diet that's ever worked (that I've actually sticked to. So actually the only diet I've ever worked at) however unlike the recommendation about three years ago stopped having my Protein Only days and Tada here we...
  3. B

    Transavia worried I won’t fit :(

    Hi guys I’m currently around 17.8st and flying with transiava from Amsterdam to Ljubljana and I’m so worried the seat belt won’t fit 😢 i fits just about with ryanair and pretty well with easyjet.. Just got so much anxiety I’ll have to ask for an extender.. anyone flown with them?
  4. Sweet2Def

    June 2018 - My LT Diary

    I thought I should begin another thread, a bit more up to date for anybody thinking of beginning the diet this month. I start on 8th June (payday), and because I have done the diet before and recall how horrendous the first three days were., I'm preparing my body leading up to this by slowly...
  5. nicreg

    not waiting till new year.

    I've gained 3 stone since the summer, from depakote which is a bipolar medication, and I've just stopped that and switched to lithium and I'm determined to lose weight. I hate the way I look, and although lithium can cause weight gain I think I'm going to seriously give it my all to lose weight...
  6. Chuckles McCoy

    Diary of a fat old bird to mature elegant swan!

    Well...after a lifetime of yoyo dieting, self loathing, and general failure mode, at 58, I've finally decided that something has to be done if I'm to avoid being trapped in this circle for the rest of my life. I'm taking on board slimming world and trying to address this totally negative...
  7. Ashurii

    Gaming Girl & Gigantic Goal

    Hello hello, I'm Ashurii (Ashley) and next year in July I'm going to Florida. As of about a month ago (six weeks) I was at my beginning SW weight of 22st 11.5lbs. I had been dieting a few months slowly from 23st 8lbs then was encouraged by my mother (read forced) to start my journey with SW...
  8. Arzt

    Here I Go Again

    The Above was quoted from my Introduction Post A Long December 2016 So after much debate with myself, I finally came to terms with the fact that I needed to lose weight and Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and the millions of fad West Coast Elitist diets were not the answer. I purchased a...
  9. Arzt

    Maximum Density Achieved

    Hello everyone I'm a new member, never joined a group like this before, any support is greatly appreciated. I'm about to begin the Slimming World Extra Easy plan and I'll be flying solo for a bit. Some background... Two years ago I found myself in a hospital bed in the midst of a Hypertension...
  10. H

    Problems with weight, body and appetite. Please help

    Hi everybody. I'm 25 years old male. I need your advice or so that you would point me to the right place with my problems. So first thing is my belly, it doesn't seem right. I'm 179cm tall and I weight 67kg at the moment, so I'm not fat and personally I count myself as a slim person. I'm not...
  11. S

    Birthday weekend... Way over syns!

    hi all I have been on SW for 6/7 weeks now and had a loss each week. In total I have lost 1 stone 2.5lbs which is amazing so far! However... Had my birthday on Friday... And unfortunately I have over indulged Friday... And Saturday! Friday involved lots of vodka, cocktails and meat and chips...