Birthday weekend... Way over syns!


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hi all

I have been on SW for 6/7 weeks now and had a loss each week. In total I have lost 1 stone 2.5lbs which is amazing so far!

However... Had my birthday on Friday... And unfortunately I have over indulged Friday... And Saturday! Friday involved lots of vodka, cocktails and meat and chips and maltesers... Saturday involved a big breakfast with black pudding, sausages, granary bread etc... Then a trip to sea side with ice cream, doughnuts and cake! Argh! Today I've had some cake and chocolate... I feel awful!!

Weigh in is on Wednesday.. I am dreading stepping on the scales this week because I know it will probably be a gain! :'(

What do I do!? I feel unmotivated and mad mad mad at myself! :( help!?!?