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Gaming Girl & Gigantic Goal

Hello hello,
I'm Ashurii (Ashley) and next year in July I'm going to Florida. As of about a month ago (six weeks) I was at my beginning SW weight of 22st 11.5lbs. I had been dieting a few months slowly from 23st 8lbs then was encouraged by my mother (read forced) to start my journey with SW.
Yesterday I got my 1.5 stone award and was elated to also get slimmer of the week for the first time. This will be my diary of my journey and also my Achievement Book for my Quest.
With maybe a little gaming chatter in between.
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Weigh Ins
06/03/17 - Starting Day
13/03/17 - 11.5lbs (.5st Award!)
20/03/17 - 2.5lbs (1st Award!)
27/03/17 - 1.5lbs :(
03/04/17 - 2lbs
10/04/17 - 1lbs
17/04/17 - 3lbs (1.5st Award! Slimmer of the week achievement unlocked!)
24/04/17 - 3.5lbs (Slimmer of the Month Achievement Unlocked!)
01/05/17 - 2lbs
08/05/17 - Gained 3.5lbs :(:(:(:(
15/05/17 - 6lbs :eek::eek: (2st Award!)

Achievement Tally
Slimmer of the Week - 2
Slimmer of the Month - 1
Stones Lost - 2

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This week has consisted of a large amount of meat and not a lot of vegetables. My only hope is that somehow I'll morph into a steak by Monday and eat parts of myself away.
-Says this while eating a tray of chicken breast chunks from Asda-


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Just popped in to wish you good luck on your weight loss journey.


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Having a end date in mind can be great motivation for weight loss. Have you made smaller goals too?

Wishing you lots of luck. What a great holiday to be excited for.
So it's weigh in day and it's 3.5lbs!
I'm overjoyed at this and it's really a good nudge in the right direction. I've really cut down on pasta / potato this week so I might keep trundling along that.
But even better...
Slimmer of the Week AND Month! Omg the sticker is so friggin glittery. I'm over the moon.
This weeks slimmer of the week box had two bags of leeks though.. what will I do with all these leeks!?:tongue:

Achievement Unlocked - Slimmer of the Month!


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Mean Green Soup with Asparagus, Spinach and Leek
I had this with a wholemeal roll for my HEXB. It's full of flavour and great for your health!

. 2 large leeks, chopped
. 2 packets of asparagus tips (roughly 500g), halved
. 2 handfuls of fresh spinach leaves
. 2 tbsp of quark (optional)
. 1L of vegetable stock (2 cubes or equivalent)

Take a large pot and spray the bottom with fry-light. Add your leek to the pan and stir regularly until it starts to soften. Add your asparagus and then your spinach.

Boil 1 litre of water. Add 200ml to a jug with your stock cubes and the other 800ml to your pot. Stir the stock until dissolved and add to the pot. Leave to boil for 10-20 minutes.

Pour your mixture into a blender or hand-blend until the soup is a bright-green liquid. There should still be some asparagus tips left whole to create texture. For a creamier texture and a slightly sour bite, add 2 tablespoonfuls of quark while blending. Season to taste and serve.

Easy Cheesy Leek Pasta Bake
Really quick and simple, and satisfies that craving for a creamy cheese sauce. Half the dish is your HEXA or 6 syns!

. 3 leeks, chopped
. 200g of macaroni or other dried pasta of choice
. 80g of low fat cheddar
. 250g of quark
. 3 large eggs
. fresh spinach and salad tomatoes (optional)

Cook your pasta with a few pinches of salt as directed on the packet. Boil your chopped leeks for 10 minutes or until soft.

Whisk your eggs and quark together until smooth, add 40g of cheddar and continue mixing. Season well with salt and pepper or other spices of your liking.

Drain the pasta and the leeks and mix the two together in an oven-proof dish. Poor over your whisked mixture and stir it in evenly. Mix in 30g more cheese and use the remaining 10 to sprinkle over the top. Season the top of your dish with pepper and nutmeg before baking.

Place in the oven at 200°c (180 for fan-assisted ovens) and bake for 15-25 minutes until the top is golden brown. Serve on a salad bed of your choice- I used fresh spinach leaves and sliced tomatoes.

Pete's Leak and Potato Soup

Definitely giving that cheesy leek pasta bake a go this week. Mince and tatties tomorrow. Yay!


Slimming for a better lifestyle
Just popping in to say hi and good luck! :) I'm a gamer too and I'm sure (ok, I know) that hours of sitting in front of the computer has greatly helped with my weight gain! :rolleyes:

The Florida holiday sounds AWESOME. It was a trip to Florida that got me started with SW for the first time a few years ago. A holiday is super motivating. Oh and I'll warn you now . . . Florida is addictive. As soon as you get home you'll want to go back! We loved it so much we're going back for my daughters 21st in 2019. :D
Hey folks. So it was weigh in day yesterday and I've gained 3.5 lbs. In all honesty I don't know how it happened. I was 1lb away from my two stone award too so I'm really beaten down by it. I thought I didnt have too bad of a week and though I'm incredibly bloated (starweek I think) I didn't even think I'd gain. In all honesty I walked in thinking anything over 1lb was a bonus and stood on the scales and almost wanted to kick them and demand a recount. I cried a bit (thankfully my mum was there) and the leader gave me some advice. Maybe it was from trying too hard at the weekend but I don't even understand how it happened.
So I've had a minor blow out this morning (like.. five / six weetabix) and I'm lying on the sofa in my despair.
I need to get on track but its difficult to get on track when you're slowly walking away from the track in annoyance.
I cant blame the scales. I can only blame myself.
Achievement Gained - The Big Dipper.


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Please done be disheartened, when I have my period I can put on lbs like I mean one weigh in week I was up 5 and lost it again the following week. Just stick at it and you you will see the results next week xx you have done so well to get this far so well done x


Slimming for a better lifestyle
Just keep looking ahead, the trick is not to let a gain get you down (not easy, I know) and just focus forward, to your next weigh-in. That's how I cope. :)
Minus six this week. I say whaaaat?
Yep. Minus six!! I was almost fainting on the scales. I couldn't believe last week and couldn't believe this week. I asked if she was tampering with the scales to avoid me topping myself off but no. It's true!
I'm now sub 21 stone! Wahooooo!
Ugh. I want to rename my IBS some nasty names today. Felt great eating some speedy foods today but I think the lack of carbs has made me some sort of chute for poop.

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