1. PandaDad

    Struggling with binging

    Hi folks, I have always been overweight, but lost 2 stone before COVID. I was almost at a healthy weight, but the limit on exercise and need to eat to make myself feel better about everything really put me back. I'm heavier than I have ever been now, I've started couch 2 5k, but my diet is...
  2. PuddingQueen

    *Newbie* Slimming World with a permanent colostomy and slow transit bowel..... struggling to loose

    Good morning everyone I joined SW 1 January 19. I have a permanent colostomy bag(stoma) from an operation l had 5 months ago due to severe constipation and a very slow transit bowel. Up to now l have lost just 6.5lbs and l am really struggling. Before Christmas l started getting severe...
  3. A

    New to Cambridge diet and not losing weight

    Hi I have been on CD for 11 days now and am not seeing a diffference 😬 I am on step 2 and sticking to portion size. My last weigh in was last sunday( after 6 full days of CD) and I had only lost 2lbs😫! Also when the consultant measured my waist she said that I had put on an inch on my waist...
  4. Chris Judson

    How to loose weight over easter?

    So guys/gals. I have been posting some stuff relating to easter and struggling over the bank holiday on instagram (chrisj_sw), how does everyone cope with the vast amount of easter eggs and snacks like these over the easter break? My self control is really lacking at the moment and this isnt...
  5. _hmelli

    How do I do it?

    I'm not really here posting much at all, and haven't been on this page for months, but I really need help and need ot turn to someone, or people, who can actually listen and help me out. I am an almost 23-year-old, I'm only 5'3" and as of this morning I weigh bang on 15 and a half stone. Over...
  6. I

    Extra Easy Alternatives for chocolate

    hey all, I'd like to appoligise in advance- not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum (i am quite new) My quick question was - I was wondering if there was any good alternatives to chocolate to ease the craving -preferably low syn of course. I have a major sweet tooth and I've been...
  7. dark_side_of_the_spoon

    Difficulty Overcoming Bad Habits

    Hi all, I am not afraid to admit that I am struggling to stay on a diet. I think it's because I have been down this route so often with success, only to slide back to square one - and then some! I can be very good at almost get in 'the zone' for a while - I think my problems start to spiral...
  8. bigB85


    Hello All, I am back again after trying all sorts and yo-yo'ing back up and down in weight getting to my highest weight for a while over 30st. Doing Keto diet having around 3000kcals a day after getting a nutritionist. I re-started a week today starting at 29st 12 after Christmas and I am down...