Chris Judson

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So guys/gals.

I have been posting some stuff relating to easter and struggling over the bank holiday on instagram (chrisj_sw),
how does everyone cope with the vast amount of easter eggs and snacks like these over the easter break? My self control is really lacking at the moment and this isnt helping!!
i just ate it! I figured i'd rather have 2 or 3 days off and enjoy myself, and then get back on it again.

I still logged everything, and found actually freeing myself didn't result in a massive binge - yes i overate, but nothing that would lead to a weight gain.

I did this at xmas too - 3 days I ate what I wanted, and I found that worked and i was able to then get back on it.

I go on holiday in June, and will probably give myself the week off then as well.
@buffy3256 haha love the way you think!!! I think im gonna try and use my easter eggs a bit at a time, like maybe 1 a week or something. i did wonder at group last night about bringing them into work and letting work people demolish them
but i think id come to regret that idea...

When you get back on it, how does your week work? like how do you get your weight loss?