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Extra Easy Alternatives for chocolate

hey all,
I'd like to appoligise in advance- not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum (i am quite new)

My quick question was - I was wondering if there was any good alternatives to chocolate to ease the craving -preferably low syn of course. I have a major sweet tooth and I've been struggling recently and binging on sweets and chocolate after a long day is a major slip up for me. I've tried chocolate fingers as I know they are low but they never satisfy my craving and before I know it I've eaten half of the pack. Let's just say my will power has always been quite low when chocolate is involved ahaha. Would slowly cutting chocolate out of my diet make SW easier for me? Thanks in advance
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There are some nice options in that link @Likklemonkeyy ! It's a great little go-to reference guide. :D

Would slowly cutting chocolate out of my diet make SW easier for me? Thanks in advance
Probably not what you want to hear but this is more or less what I did and I DO find it easier. Pre-SW, I used to have chocolate (a lot of it) a few times a week, now I have actual chocolate maybe once every couple of months as an extra special treat. I do have ways to get a mini chocolate fix though. I add some cocoa to my breakfast smoothies and that's like a nutty chocolate milkshake, which is awesome. I also do occasionally have hot chocolate.

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There are some healthy extra choices that include chocolate, which you could have without having to use any syns. Most of the HiFi Light bars you get at group contain chocolate and you can have 2 of these for a healthy extra B choice. The double chocolate, rocky road and chocolate orange ones are lovely. You can also have 2 Alpen Light bars for a B choice and some of those contain chocolate too.

There are some varieties of chocolate milk that you can use as a healthy extra A choice too. These are Arla Lactofree Chocolate Milk and Arla Chocolate Milk (50% Less Sugar) so they could be good options. You could double up and have 2 HiFi / Alpen Light bars and a glass of chocolate milk for a big chocolate fix all in one go :)

I've found that since starting SW my cravings for chocolate have reduced quite a lot though, which has made it easier to resist (before SW I could easily sit and eat a large bar of Dairy Milk but I don't really crave it any more now and any cravings I do have are usually sorted with a HiFi bar or something). It might be that as you go on, you find you want chocolate less and less.


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I'd say if you're craving chocolate at the end of a long day you're probably not eating enough during the day. I've started eating 4/5 small meals throughout the day. Since doing this I don't binge on sugary stuff in the evening like I used to because I'm not as hungry anymore.

I also have chocolate every day. That's what your syns are there for so don't feel like you can't use them. I have two finger kit kits they're 5.5 syns each or the hi fi bars which you can have as a heb.


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I Crave chocolate at the end of the day, massively, and its defintely not through lack of food. Sometimes its boredom, mostly its stress release ( I have two toddlers used to smoke, food kind of replaced that!)
Have a think to see if it could be an emotional reason you are eating/craving in the evening, then you can try to find alternatives. For me its mostly distraction though crafts, drawing, playing sims or having a nice bath.

I also make low syn treats from recipes online and make them, then I make sure I eat as few sins as possible in the day and save them all for when the kids are in bed! For me thats the joy of SW, we are allowed chocolate as long as its not a huge binge (Or a 5 pack chocolate donuts like it used to be for me:eek:)


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I use my syns for chocolate - I keep funsize ones around to use. I would rather do that than give up entirely. These are my treats at the end of the day, excepts Friday's and Saturday's when I switch choc to wine. :) What I have to give up entirely is cake as even a small piece of real cake is beyond a day's syn limit.