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Friday weigh in!!


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that's great, well done :)

I'm back at sw this week, so far 6lbs down and been on plan since Friday

x x
Does anyone else always feel huge just before WI day. I'm not even going to group, but now I've decided Friday is when I weigh myself I'm feeling bloated tonight already.

I know it's in my head, I used to get like this when I went to group and it was the same even on the weeks I'd had a fairly big loss.
I've had 2 really good losses since getting back on it (6.5lb my first week and 3.5lb last week). I'm hoping for another 2lbs this week but I have a feeling it's not going to happen (especially since I went wayyyyyy over my syns on Sunday). How are you other Friday people doing this week?
I am doing a lot better than before, I finally got to see slightly under 10 stone last Friday, syns wise this week I have kept them low... except for Saturday when I had the best meal on the menu fishcakes with a cheesy sauce and salad... I know it wasn't great but had to be better than pie and chips or burger and chips. I'm going out for Japanese food on Thursday which again I know will take me over my syns (going to try and be sensible, I am going to avoid anything in batter) so hopefully it will still be fairly healthy.

On Friday we're going out for Indian street food and then we're on holiday, so just hoping that I do minimal damage while away. Going to try and not worry too much about it though as I know I can get straight back onto it once I'm home. Hoping that whatever I gain I can loose again by the time we're all back at school, so at least I have a little goal in mind for after.
Wow! Congrats on seeing that number on the scale. I can only imagine! Sounds like you have your head in the game anyway, hope you enjoy your holiday :)
Maintained this week, a little disappointed but I did forget to weigh before breakfast and had a full cooked one so might have been a small loss.
I haven't been 100% this week either, so maintain is good. Now to hope I don't gain too much over the next couple of weeks.
Just try and get loads of body magic in :) A maintain isn't bad at all if you know you've been a little bit off plan. I'm out for dinner tomorrow night - I'll have to flexisyn and hope for the best.
4lbs down this week
Well done Jenny! :D I've not had any big numbers for a couple of weeks, any tips?
thanks Laura, this was my first week back on plan so that's probably why its bigger than normal. I find I always get better losses when I drink plenty of water, it feels like a battle to drink enough each day.

good luck with next weigh in x x

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