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××× Tuesday Weighers ×××


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Well done!!

I dont weigh in until 6pm tonight so got a bit of a wait, and Im not hopeful.

Good luck all Tues weighers :)


I can do this............
Well done cp! That brill!

Well done julianne! you are flying along now!

I gain 0.5lbs which i am pleased with as i have been a bit naughty and its star week and i feel like i am the size of a house!!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Good results so far, and double extra congratulations on achieving your 6 stone award cocktailprincess that is incredible you must be so proud :)

I hope to join with the good results, but sadly have to wait until half six to find out

Good luck everyone :)


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Another 1.5lbs off this week. I'm really pleased as I didn't feel like I'd lost anything. I tend to spend half my time feeling guilty whilst following the Slimming World plan as i feel like I'm eating too much!!! It's working though so I need to stop being so silly and just trust it!!
well done everyone, I have to wait untill tonight but I'm not feeling confident even though I've been good!
congratulations on the weight loses guys, I weigh in at 5.30pm after my first week, am having a star week though so hope I manage to lose some I have been so good.

My SIL started the week before me and lost 5lb, so fingers crossed for my weight loss. :D
1lb off for me, thats the lb I gained. So back to my first weigh in results and start again. It was * week too so very pleased
I had WI this morning and lost 4 lbs, but I wasn't able to go last week or the week before so that was for a 3 week period. I was still very pleased though as it's easy to go off-track when you know you are going to miss a week or two and I managed to stay pretty much on-track. I also got my 1 stone award!

Congrats to the rest of your on your great losses. Especially for your 6 stone award!!


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Lost 2.5lb this week, which I'm very happy with as I did stick to plan.

Well done Cocktail Princess what a huge achievement. You must be so chuffed with yourself *hugs*. One of our oldest members finally got to target today after losing a staggering 7.5 stones :eek: She had worked so hard, bless her. She's blind and has all her meals cooked for her and she's also on lot's of medications. Her doctor told her that she needed to lose weight but that she'd never be able to do it. She's going to rub her target certificate in his face at her next visit....lol.

She told us today that the last time she saw him (2 weeks ago) after a year, he didn't recognise her.....lol.
I lost 4lbs this week, chuffed to bits as i put on a pound last week, and really thought I had put on cos I just feel fat and horrible.

Plus I got my 1 and half stone award and club 10 :)
well done all Tuesday weighers - what great results! xxx

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