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0 point soup alternatives for summer?


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Hi everyone! :D

I am a huge fan of 0 point soup for those really hungry days where you just want to eat but now the weather is really hot I'm less keen on eating it.

Anyone got any good suggestions of alternatives??

At the moment I am having crudites (cucumber, carrot, peppers etc) but I can see these getting boring quite quickly so would love to hear what everyone else does?:) :)
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The only think I can think of is maybe some cold sugar-free jelly which would be nice and cooling on a hot day :)

Sorry I can't be anymore help, I'm new to WW so not 100% familiar with everything yet :D


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i drink a lot more which i find helps with my hunger - i have a big jug of sugar free juice with ice in the fridge and when i open the door looking for food i find i always go for the juice.. its lovely when the weather is nice :)

not point free but low pointed i often have cooked runner beans with half a tin of tuna - sounds odd but got served it in spain once and it was lush. that, or just a normal 0 point salad with some kraft low fat dressing on for half a point :)

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I love humous so I have a dollop of that with a big salad. I'm afraid I'm not very adventurous and tend to stick with that at the mo.


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My OH has just bought a smoothie maker, I haven't had chance yet, but there will be some really low point veg smoothies I'm sure


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Ooh I have a smoothie maker gathering dust, might blow the dust off and experiment. Does fruit have a higher point value when smoothed though - like it was no longer free on SW if you blended it.


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Big bowl fo sugar free jelly straight from the fridge :D


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S: 16st0lb C: 15st8lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 42.6 Loss: 0st6lb(2.68%)
thanks everyone! I am sure I have some veggie smoothie recipes somewhere, I must have a look

Even fruit smoothies will be low in points if your careful with what you put in I suppose :)


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fruit is same points however you have it (unless you cook it in oil or something strange!).. but i believe like orange juice you can only count it as 1 of your 5 a day no matter how much you have..


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i had a fruit smoothie today and it came in at 2 points.. made from frozen berries.. lovely and refreshing and suprisingly filling


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I had the same problem - now I take a big tub of salad to work instead and then add a couple of spoonfuls of sweet chilli sauce to it just before I eat it (0.5 points). I'm hooked! I sometimes have a couple of Ryvitas with it (1 point for 2) or a bag of WW nachos (1 point)



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Instead of hot soups we tend to do more gazpacho in summer. Thats a cold, tomatoe based spanish soup, really yummy and filling - plenty of recipes in google (even on wikipedia) - we don't do it with bread and just a tiny bit of olive oil - my fav!!

For the sweet graving I'd either go for a solero exotic (1,5pts), put my grapes/strawberries in the freezer or sugarfree jelly (as mentioned so often) - enjoy summer!

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