02/01/2012 the last first day back for the food vampire


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S: 25st1lb C: 22st5lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 2st10lb(10.83%)
Hey I stopped in September r and was fine in fact I lost another 21lbs from september-December doing it every now and then but since I came home from university it has been open season Im like the food vampire I just have an insatiable hunger I'm not joking it's like Im never full even after pigging out Xmas day before dinner I had my massive Xmas dinner and pudding and was STlLL eating!!!

So I head back to uni knowing I've put on 80% of the weight I put on I mean my clothes are tight! And this time I'm gonna keep up with this website and I've a.ready booked 3 kickboxing sessions a week as well as gym and maybe yoga I haven't decided, and walking to uni instead of driving! So this Will be my last first day back 02/01/2012
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Best of luck!! You can do it, Im starting the same day!

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Good luck with your restart hun, you've lost the weight before so you can do it again.
You mentioned yoga, have you thought about trying pilates? I did it last year and loved it so much and found it better than yoga!


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Good luck with your re-start :)