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1/3 super food on red and green

Not at all, however, a great way to get your 5 a day and fill you up


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Thanks girls i think i am over thinking the 1/3 rule on ee. I'm going to try green to see if that helps speed my loses up x


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I do red and green and aim to have 1/3 SF but its not a rule so I dont panic if i dont
At the moment I am doing mostly green, with the occasional red day, and I always have at least one third superfree and often a lot more.

You don't have to, but I feel a lot healthier if I do.
Think this is what I need to concentrate on. It makes sense really that more veg and less everything else will halp with weight loss, I just have to remember to actually do it!!!


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I always try to incorporate as much superfree as possible - even though i rarely do Extra Easy. I noticed sometime ago after keeping food diaries for a few weeks after my losses slowed down that there was often very little superfree foods. Upping them helped me to get better losses.

I lost over 5 stone on green ~ in the days before ee..... and all I did was use my free food to the max..... I had never heard of SF/SS food then. I maxed out on free food becuase it was free and it filled me. I hope to do the same again this time arround.... maybe I rebel too much when it comes to rules...

and you also have to make sure you arer eating enough food as well.... another reason to enjoy those free foods...

Just my thoughts....

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