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Extra Easy 1/3 super free


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I think this is what they do with the Success Express of whatever it's called- there's a kind of fast track mini-plan for times like a couple of weeks before you go on holiday etc. I'm not entirely sure so maybe someone else knows more about that.

I imagine it will still work fine so long as you're eating enough. I quite often just have a bowl of superfree stuff so over the day it probably works out as more than 1/3of my entire food for the day, but I still have had losses. I think so long as it's at least 1/3 you should be fine.

But then I'm no consultant :)
i'm pretty sure the 1/3 is the suggested minimum per meal, so half will be fine!


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Its fine! Often my lunch is 2/3rds superfree. Basically, it won't harm you.

With regards to success express - thats really for when you need to kickstart your weight loss & means having 2/3rds every meal superfree, only superfree snacks, 2 heas & hebs, and take the highest syn value for syned foods. Bit hardcore for me!


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the rule is at least 1/3 so if you have more than that thats fine.

kingleds has summed up success express nicely for you there, well done x


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As long as you have your HEA and HEB your entire plate can be superfree 1/3 is just a minimum but the free food proteins and carbs are what keep me full so I personally couldn't eat just superfree I'd be really hungry


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More is fine, just be careful not to starve yourself, I personally love to fill up on veg, but there's a lot of water in it, so it doesn't keep you that full for that long. If you're comfortable with it then I would say fine, but don't force yourself to only eat superfree to speed up weight loss, nothing slows weight loss down when your trying than trying too hard :D

XxX Good work on wanting to eat more of the good stuff :D

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