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1 more bad week and I'm gonna give up!!...

...Ok last night had my 7th W.I...I'm now starting Week 8 of LL and I have to say that the last 3 losses have just shattered my confidence. Lastnight I JUST made my 2 stone and no more..now everyone has been saying '2 stone in 7 weeks is slightly quicker than average and so you're ahead of yourself..it averages at 4lbs per week!!' but the fact is it doesn't..I had a bad bout of tonsilitus on week 3 and lost 10.5lbs..if I hadn't had that, I'd be nowhere NEAR 2 stone in 2 months...
I'm just sick of it...week 5 I lost 1lb, week 6 I lost 2.5lbs and lastnight I lost 1lb...4.5lbs in 3 weeks is just not on!! Not on this diet..it's ridiculous!!
I'm now half way through Foundation and if I continue with 1-2lb losses I'll end up throwing in the towel. It's definitely not worth it for 4.5lbs in 3 weeks!!
I'm sticking to it religiously and I haven't cheated once!..not even a crumb!
I've got about another 4-4.5 stone to go and I want the weight off by end November/start December..
It doesn't help that 2 stone lighter and I don't seem to be down a dress size nor seeing the SLIGHTEST difference in how I look...still feel as fat as ever!!

Does anyone have ANY suggestions?!!?
I'm getting desperate now..I've never been closer to jacking it in!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
i can understand how frustrated u r, especially when u r doing such a restricted diet.

maybe its a silly question, so much more cos u r naffed off but r u drinking enough water?

what other diets have u tried and what were ur losses on those? if u have always been a slow loser it may be worth just sticking it out but if u think u would do better on another plan (from past experience) then maybe thats the way to go.

first things first tho...u r paying £66 a week so u ought to use the services of ur llc and have a good, honest chat with her about how u feel if u havent done so already. she may be able to point out some things to help u



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I know how you feel as my loss as slowed right down this last 3 weeks, im following ll 100%.My first few weeks are making up for my average, but its soul distroying when other group members are eating & so on & i havent.My conseller just keeps asking if i have any worries at home (no).i dont think he believes me.I hope someone can give us some answers.
Ok pepys....breathe! I KNOW its hard (look at my losses!!) and this week I gained 2 ibs having not cheated!! Its due to drinking too much water prior to WI...2 litres weighs approx 2 ibs! It is frustrating when looses are slow BUT it does even out! While I have lost less weight than others in my group I have lost more fat - going from a size 24 skirt to a size 14! Just hang in there & tell the chatterbox"could have lost that on weight watchers" voice to f-off! You (or I!!) did NOT loose that on WW or we wouldnt be where we are would we eh! Just grit your teeth! It will even out (I've lost ver the stone a month despite it looking iffy!) with a average (until last week!) of 3.8 a week! Big hugs & stay with it!
It's just so frustrating as a woman in my class said 'Oh I've cheated this week...big time! Like you've no idea!!' and she lost 2.5lbs!!! I don't as much as SNIFF food and I lose a pound!!
My LLC has suggested I up my water to 5-6ltrs a day..I asked if there's such a thing as drinking too much and she said no (which is weird as a few weeks ago she said if you drink too much it can have an adverse effect)..now she's changed her mind and said you can't drink too much..your body will pee out whatever it doesn't need.
ARGH! 4.5lbs in 3 weeks is at the forefront of my mind all the time now...I'll never be at target (another 4-4.5 stone off) by November/December at this rate when in fact if it's a stone a month like they pretty much promise, I should have about 5 stone off by start of December!


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Hi Scotsnat, I had slow losses too. I managed to scrape through with a 4st10lb loss in foundation. I was one of the slowest losers in my group.
I had my hardest time about half to three quarters of the way through, like you just wanting to be at the end, wanting the results without the effort and the acceptance that it will take however long it takes.
Then I had a lightbulb moment. I realised that the reason I was finding it so hard to cope with was because I'd forgotten to enjoy the journey. Sadly it will take however long it takes, but it's much easier to cope with if you remember to make the journey there as enjoyable as possible. You have to make yourself feel good in sooooooo many other ways than just feeling good (or bad) at what the scales say. But it's up to you to put the effort into finding things to keep you upbeat every day.
Also, my counsellor said to drink 6 litres of water every day religiously. When I started doing that, after a week or two the weight loss really got better. Some people on here said that drinking 6 litres didn't help them but if you haven't tried it yet then try it for 2-3 weeks and see what happens.
This rough patch is just one of many that you're going to have. You have to learn to ride it out and learn from it if you want to be successful for the rest of your life.
I hope you find your happy face again soon :) x
Thanks 6stlost...it's just hard to accept that it'll "take as long as it takes" when I've got about 4-4.5 stone to go and the very thought of it taking any longer than end Nov/start Dec is just too long...I don't think I'm being unrealistic wanting it off by then. I cannot be on this diet into next year..not with only 4-4.5 stone still to go...I've got about 5 months to lose it but if it carries on with losses like I've had, it won't happen. If it does carry on being that slow then this diet clearly does not work for everyone as I am sticking to it 100% and have never ever cheated.
I'm upping my water to 6ltrs a day but I hope it won't go the other way and slow my losses even more...
I think exercise might help too even tho' my LLC said it should be 3lbs a week roughly without exercise...

Just don't think LL is going to work for me...when I think of what I've 'eaten' over last 3 weeks, to have lost 4.5lbs is just not good enouugh.


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Well, try the exercise too then!! That'll rev things up a bit :)

It's 5 months till December. You will not still be this weight then. You will be stoneS LIGHTER :) :) :)

Please don't let yourself get bogged down by what the scales say. If that's the only reason you are thinking of quitting LL then you will miss out on learning so much about yourself and being a better person to yourself as a result.

However, if there are many other reasons, other than the slow losses, why you feel LL isn't for you then obviously you're the only one who can make the decision to stick with it or not.

Now go and find your happy face :D :D :D (said purely in jest, no offence intended).

Forget about the scales for the rest of the day and go and do, or read, or watch something that really makes you smile, or laugh, and relax.

Thanks again 6stlost...I'm just going to up my water and exercise this week and hope that I see a good loss on Thursday...if I do, it'll motivate me to carry on and I've got enough time yet before I really need to start worrying that it's not coming off quick enough...I'll give it another few weeks and see if the changes I make take effect.


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Hiya Scots

How yer doing!!

Ok firstly be a bit gentle with the exercise, if you go too mad at anything cardio or high intensity and your body will struggle so my advice is to take some nice long 30 minute walks this week if you have the chance and try and stick to pilates/toning/yoga and generally gentle exercise as this is more likely to make the scales fall than running your heart out on the treadmill.

In terms of water then certainly don't go above 6 litres, I asked the GP and he said that 12 litres could be very dangerous so for a guy he would say never go over 8 litres. Anyway I recommend 4 litres for girls and experience says that seems to be the best amount for the best loss.

In terms of speed of loss then it can be frustrating if you compare yourself to others as no two people ever lose the same, I have to say though that a few weeks of bad losses are usually followed by a few weeks of much better losses to please don't get too down in the dumps about.

And remember there is no quicker way to lose weight than a VLCD (even starving yourself would be slower) so you are doing the best you can by staying abstinant and well done.

And finally your friend at LL who cheats will find it will catch up with her I promise!! The best way to do the diet is to stick to it and that is exactly what you are doing.

Stick with it and you'll get there!

Thanks Mike!
I always find your responses to posts really inspiring and positive...
Exercise wise I think I'll swim a couple of times in the week and also go for a few walks (30 mins or more)...hopefully that'll move the scales quicker?
With regards water, I just never know what to do...my LLC said to drink 5-6ltrs..she said she's sure the more water you drink the higher the loss..apparently one girl drinks 5-5.5ltrs religiously and consistently loses about 4lbs a week...
It's so frustrating when one person is saying up the water, another says don't go over 4 etc...
As I said, my LLC said that drinking 6ltrs wouldn't make it go the opposite way and slow my losses as whatever water my body doesn't need it'll get rid of (through plentiful trips to the loo!!)...
I'm just trying to maximise my results here and am failing miserably having stuck to this damn diet and had 3 awful weeks....
Big hugs again for you! YOu CAN drink too much water and you need not to drink more than 6 litres through the day absolute MAX. If you drink too much too fast your body cannot process it & it floods your lungs - tis happened to my cousin & she ended up in a coma (thankfully ok now) so dont overdo it - I never have more than about 5 a day!
Have you measured yourself? Its another way of seeing the losses but not necc in ibs! You also need to remember that we are all individual & our bodies react differently - some faster than others (always been a bit slow all round me, except when putting on weight lol!!). Re people cheating I CAN understand the annoyance but from my experience people who cheat just dnt get the same out of the diet; its harder to get back on it; they dont get the same sense of achievement & (IMO!) they havent learned to deal with life without pigging out in the same way as those who didnt cheat. Abstinence is in my opinion the best way to go & doesent come with that sense of failure I always felt before...


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I too have heard from various people not to drink above 6 litres a day if you are female. When my water intake dropped quite low and I upped it I had a low weightloss the following week. My counsellor said this is because my body was holding onto it temporarily until it got used to the amount, the following weeks loss compensated but I thought I should warn you. As Icemoose says a VLCD diet is the fastest way to lose weight and it is worth hanging in there - I had two bad losses a couple of weeks ago and almost gave up but the last two have been good again so I now feel it was worth carrying on.

I lost 5stone before I could really start to see a difference and it was probably about 3 stone before other people started to notice - on a fast diet it does take a while for the brain to catch up with the truth. I also know what you mean about the journey left in front of you: I finished my 100 days with about 5 1/2 months left to do I will be doing this longer than anyone else in my group.

Re your friend I also agree she won't be learning as much from the LL journey as you will, if she is cheating already and doesn't get to grips with it then her weight is likely to go back on. This is much less likely to happen to you as you are learning about yourself on the way. It isn't the right diet for everyone and I am struggling myself but I would honestly say to try and stick to it for at least another month before deciding to quit: that gives your body time to go through another monthly cycle where problems like water retention will have chance to sort themselves out - it could just be something as simple as that as your body is undergoing some drastic changes rightnow!

And speak to your counsellor as often as you need to, thats what she is there for and what you are paying for!

Good luck and let us know how you get on!



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You do need to give it a little longer than a week - sometimes the things I do in one week show up over a week later. I have lost 7.5 stones in 6 months and I have had more 0.88lb losses than any other type of loss! I'm on my last stone and it's going a pound at a time which is PAINFUL, but if I switched to WW now I'd never finish - so I'm sticking with the only diet that has ever worked. Check out my pictures on the before and after thread if you want to see what can be achieved in 6 months.

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