1 stone down 2 to go

So having lost 1 stone since 7th January 2013 I have lost my way a little due to loosing my gran and a very busy family weekend for my dads birthday but I don't want to put on what I've worked so hard to loose so here we go...

Today my final day of diet shame

1x alpen light and one muller light

Mugshot an orange and apple

Chicken nugget happy meal :( making me feel anything but happy!)

So not the worst day ever but after a dinner making disaster I ran out to grab a maccys!

Feel even worse feeding it to my daughter so off I go to prepare tomorrows meals so I don't have to grab things last minute
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So today I have had a long day up at 8 with my daughter then work 10-6 not home till 7 and just time to get bath and bedtime done so here's how I did

Breakfast: 2 x alpen light, muller light and orange

Lunch: mushy pea curry in rice with strawberries

Dinner: jacket with cheese and beans

Snack: mini crunchy


Finally a good day :)
Another busy work day up at 6 this time but home by 4.30.

Breakfast: 1x alpen light and 1x muller light

Lunch: jacket with beans and cheese, 2x oranges

Dinner: home made chickpea and veg curry on couscous with an apple after.

Syns: I pinched a couple of fish nugget/bites off my daughters plate not sure of the syns but as this is all I've had I'm not bothered

Another good day I think I'm back on track :) 13lbs lost so far so nearly back to the stone mark I had hit 2 weeks ago
Breakfast: 2 weetabix, orange

Lunch: jacket beans and cheese, muller light, apple

Dinner: mince stirfry with loads of veg and home made syn free sauce

Snack: mini crunchie 4 syns
Crunchy nut cereal bar 10 syns (I didn't know it would be quite so high but it was lovely!)
Breakfast: cheese on toast (hexa and b)

Lunch: left over stir fry, yogurt

Dinner: cottage pie with sweet potato mash

Snacks: 2x malteser rabbits 6syns
Breakfast: none as my daughter had ballet

Lunch: fat free super noodles, and apple

Dinner: syn free donner kebab and sw chips and salad 3 syns for sauce

Snacks: kitkat 5.5 and mini crunchie 4

12.5 syns

Not too bad for a Saturday I'm worse for grazing at weekends work help me stay on track with meal times

Also back to a full stone weight loss so on with the next 14lbs!
Breakfast: 2x weetabix, orange

Lunch: jacket with and and cheese and salad

Dinner: bacon, sausage, beans and sw chips 2 syns, apple

Snack: malteser bunny 3 syns

I went to a wedding fayre and wasn't tempted to try and of the cakes or canapés I figured I'd rather wear a wedding dress than eat chocolate :)
Breakfast: bacon sandwich in wholemeal 400g load

Lunch: jacket tuna and sweetcorn and an apple

Dinner: sausage casserole and mash with passata and beans 2 syns

Snack: muller light, mini crunchie 4 syns and malteser bunny 3 syns

Total: 9 syns