1 year later and no gain (2 more stones to go)

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  1. Lovette84

    Lovette84 Full Member

    Hi all, In August 2012 i was at my heaviest at 14st 1lb. I joined the Cambridge diet and went down to 11st 9lb in March 2013. I am now back again still at 11st 9lb (76kg) in a bid to go down to 9st 4lb (60kg). My 30th birthday is in exactly 30 days and I would be chuffed to go down to just 10st 8lb as I will be going on holiday to Greece for two weeks.

    Today marks Day 2 and I have to say that its even harder than I remembered...I did everything right yesterday (3 shakes, 3 litres of water) and went to bed at 8pm to avoid hunger pangs. I awoke at 1am starving and with a mindset to binge :/ I managed to withstand the urge but I am so worried I may not be able to tonight. Are there any tricks that work for you :) I am thinking perhaps take my last shake much later in the day maybe just before bed....
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  3. Autumn76

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    Them first 3 days are a killer. I have a litre of water in the morning whilst working or faffing and try and have first product at midday plus more water. Then I guzzle more water in the afternoon whilst keeping busy and have next product at 6pm and last at 9pm. I have also made jelly from carb free gelatine sheets in Asda and water flavouring and food colouring. Extra water but have with a shake and you feel stuffed. It's only thing that's got me to day 4 of restart after a holiday and water infection. Good luck d
  4. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Firstly well done for maintaining! thats super in itself! and welcome along for phase 2 :)

    Cambridge ice cream!!! Make your shake up with about 15 crushed ice cubes, its like a slush puppy type consistency which is looooovely! :)
    just keep your eye on the prize :)
  5. o2fjshu89iix

    o2fjshu89iix Member

    hey new here bump![​IMG]
  6. Lovette84

    Lovette84 Full Member

    Thank you so much LizzRob!
    I was terrified at everyone telling me that I would gain back everything plus more when I stopped. I didn't go back to my habits before of junk food but i did think about portion control and stopped eating once I felt full instead of just keeping on.

    Thank you for the tip....I tried it and the Vanilla was the best! tasted like heaven.
  7. Lovette84

    Lovette84 Full Member

    The first 3 days are make or break .... and I broke.
    I am on day two today as I stopped and tried gymming for a few weeks. But all in all Cambridge is the way forward for me. Unfortunately I couldnĀ“'t find the gelatine sheets here in Stockholm. But I have been dividing up one of my shakes into two shakes and drinking four times instead of three. Plus 3 liters of water.

    Knowing that am not the only one persevering is Amazeballs!

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