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10,000 steps


Just doing it this time
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do you remember a few years ago when people like Rosemary Conley & other health experts were promoting walking for 10,000 steps per day for optimum health benefits. Has this gone by the wayside? or is it still recommended that we should do 10,000 steps per day?

I know that at the time I bought about 3 or even 4 pedometers and each one didn't really work that well, despite my walking more I never seemed to come anywhere close to 10,000 steps.
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My GP referred me to a health trainer last year, they gave me a pedometer to improve my activity levels.

I was told to do a week just as normal - work out my average steps for the week and then increase that average by 500 steps every week.
It started off great and was acheivable, lost some weight but as the weeks went on it got harder and harder to increase the number of steps.

I think I got up from about 2000 a day to about 6000 (never anywhere near the magic 10 !). I finished up getting completely demoralised as however much I walked I couldn't get enough done.

They kept referring me to these health walks which go on all round the country and which are great ! Problem is that they are during the day when I am at work....I did keep asking for some evening ones but I get the impression that they think everyone who needs them is not able to work.

I was even going out from work at dinner time and trying to get round the local park to up my steps - it soon became untenable...

Anyway - I gave up !!!!!!


Just doing it this time
S: 13st7lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 1st5lb(10.05%)
What a pity - I really enjoy walking and my new job is up and down a very large office and up and down to various departments. IF I do overtime I make sure I go out walking for my lunch- half hour - for about 15 minutes - but ifI finish my normal time 1 pm or 2 pm I just normally go home and then walk the dog - which I would normally do anyway.

I remember where I used to live that walking the whole circle of our village was only something like 3000 steps - plus my average 2000 steps (maybe) per day - then like you said trying to 'up' it I think I managed about 6000 per day. With how much extra walking I do per day I would imagine that would only increase it by 1000 - so 10,000 is a LOT.

Anyone out there fancy a 'upping' the walking challenge? Maybe we could get pedometers and see how we do?
I love my pedometer. I used to have an really active job but now work in a call centre so walking is limited. If I need a boost I put on my Pedmeter. I'll join you for a challenge x


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you could always get an evening paper round.. a bit of extra cash ( ok so not much :) ) and a lot of extra steps every day..

1000 steps is a little under a kilometer for me ( 6 foot 4 with a large gait ) so 10,000 steps sould be 9-10km...
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I had a great pedometer but I don't wear it much now - I have to say it is quite hard to keep over 10,000 steps a day. That's an awful lot of walking!


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I work 12 hour shifts and spend most of my time at my desk - drive to and from work - so I bet my step count is appalling :( could do with a boost so may have to dig out that pedometer!


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hey i will join in a walking challange :) not sure how acurate my pedometer actually is though

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