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10 lbs left to Lose


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How long did it take you to lose the 22? I've lost almost that much (20.5) in 4 weeks and now I've stabalised at 3-4lb per week. If you're losses are similar to mine I reckon 3 weeks?
Thanks Ladies,
I would say it took me 5 weeks to lose that, i am now on week 6.
Roll on 3 weeks!

I'm starting to get fed up of this and want to just get to my goal.

How are you ladies getting on?


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Hi zee zee
Great loss, bet you're feeling great being so close to goal.
I'm on week 5 too but still have a way to go, about 2 stone. It gets easier in that there is no hunger but I am looking forward to living a normal life again, much more healthy than before of course! Hope your last 10lbs fly!x
hi zee zee,
you and i started one day after the other and you're not much taller than me, at a similar weight and you've done so fantastically well! so much better than me though, so, whilst i am really happy for you, i am now sooo dissappointed with myself. i've thrown in exercise and really worked hard with only small blips. how have you done it? i figured, as i am shorter/smaller than most, it was going to be a much slower process for me, but you've just disproved my illusion. please advise!
Hi Munch,
I agree with you I to am looking forward to having a normal life my social life is completley out the window.
Good luck with the rest of the 2 stones im sure time will go by quick.
Hi Bella Mamma,
Just keep going, i have done this as I felt this is the only way for me to lose weight I have tried all kinds of diets and nothing has really worked, I just told myself that if i dont stick to this then I will never be slim and will be unhappy. I have been 100% on this diet and will give myself another 2 weeks and then start the maintenance, my pharmacist said he thinks i should stop but i feel i can carry on for a bit longer.
Whatever you do dont give up because the weight will drop off, its only now that people have really started to see the weight lose.
Keep Going and even if you have a blip do not give up this diet is well worth it. :)
i was thinking about doing refeed today, and coming off in a couple of weeks for the end of the summer, when i am on holiday. i went for a weigh in this morning and have lost a kilo though, so now i'm not sure about refeeding... i've got the day to think about it! when i went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist said i was looking tiny today! I have lost over a stone, and on a small person, that's a fair bit. it's just hard to see people shedding 10lb their first week! but, a lot of that has to be built up glycogen and fluids, right??? anyway, if i do stop, i know i will pick up again in september and keep going! thanks for your support!
bellamamma - if you've been exercising aswell that might be why the weightloss has been a bit less as you'll probably be building muscle. that'll help your shape though so it doesn't mean you're not doing as well :)
I have wondered about the build up of muscle, and also about how long a muscle has memory (less than 3 years ago I was fighting fit!). Time for me to give TFR a bit of a break, but I will be back in September!
Hi all,
I found that i have lost less weight this week and i can only say its because of the gymming i have been doing, I really wanted to see more gone on the scale but i guess i need to tone up as well.

Well done on your lose Bellamamma, im hoping not to be here in Sept so good luck if i am not but if i decide to carry on i will chat to you then ! Enjoy the Summer!!!
Sorry a bit confused, i am on week 5 now.
I found week 5 the hardest, even though consistently loosing weight I was fed up that I couldn't eat!! I did the refeed week and lost 3 lbs and took a week out now I'm back on tfr. Already notice a big difference so am hoping for a big weight loss this week :)
i've had a good weight loss for me this week, so it's kind of hard to stop now... but i need a bit of a break. i'll keep lurking though, and chances are will start up again sooner than i thought!