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10 Stone, here comes T

As I was falling asleep last night i realised i have not been 10 stone for quite some time.
I would not say i fail at SW but for the last year i lose a pound, put a pound on and the cycle continues.
Well today that cycle stops, i weigh in Saturday mornings and this week i have not been great at sticking to plan so I am expecting a gain to start, but then I really, really want to see a list of minus appearing.

I am not going, but i am going to use every ounce of strength, will power to fight the cycle and get to 10 stone.

Any comments are welcome and of course support of any kind would be fantastic.
I really need to be proactive about losing this weight and keeping it off.

I love Minimins and visit most days either on my laptop or my android

Yesterday I was told I am in a pool with 4 of my collegues and maybe made redundant, wont actually know till 2nd December so the first thing i did was eat!!

I know being bigger does not make me happy but still I ate lots of rubbish, crisps, sweets, chocolate, biscuits etc

Today looking back it didnt make me feel better eating rubbish, I just felt dissapointed in myself and also what a waste when i should be watching the pennies.

Sorry about the rant, but i needed to jot down exactly how i am feeling at the start of this journey, i am seriously hoping this will be the last time i start.
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:)Thursday - Week 1, Green Day

Breakfast - Oat So Simple - HEB

Lunch - Lentil Soup with Shredded Ham Hock, HEB

Dinner - Mung Bean Wrap with 42g Mu Cheese, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Leaves, Mixed Peppers and Celery

Snacks - SS for tea and coffee and Oat so simple - HEA, Salt and Vinegar Squares - 5 syns, 3 Cola Bottles - 3 syns, Wine -4.5

Syns today - 12.5 syns
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Thought i would update at lunch to keep momentum.
All going well.
Actually really well.
I have had a banana at 11 and mugshot sweet n sour at 1130 so 0.5syns extra.
One of our regional manager visited today bringing big tins of roses and quality street. These are a possible temptation but i will try to stay strong.
Syns today do far 5.5
Good luck with getting to your goal 10stone :) You can do it!
Resist those chocolates!!!! LOL. Food sounds good today, and you do have some syns going spare if you do have a choccy :) x
I did have spare syns but i resisted the choc. At 3 each i thought do i really need one.
I instead had 3 cola bottle jelly sweets lasted loads longer and satisfied my craving.
Also had a plum.
So now its tea time going to attempt the mung bean wraps.
I really hope they work b great for pack ups.
I will update later.
Tea was good, it dont think i have got it completely right with the mung bean wraps, but they taste nice.
I am not sure i got right consistency as you are supposed to have enough for 6-8, i only got 4.
But i will keep trying i think as a lunch without HEB will make life alot easier on Slimming World.

So tea end up Mung Bean Wrap with 42g Mu Cheese, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Leaves, Mixed Peppers and Celery.
I finished the day with a small glass of cheeky red wine, 4.5 syns.
Still finished 100% and had 12.5 syns
Not even a sneeky bite of anything has gone in
Really pleased
Lets hope i can have a great day tomorrow too
Friday - children in need scuppered my plans. As i work in a call centre often we do food related days to raise money and today was bring buffet in..
It did not go as planned food wise and i ended up eating lots of syns and not on syn free food all day.
However, i weighed today and have stayed the same, so going to enjoy a flexi saturday as i do most weeks and get straight back on plan tomorrow.

It does seem strange but i feel in control, we will see though.
I will be back Sunday to report
Monday - EE

Breakfast - Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomatoes with Poached Egg

Lunch - Celery, Carrots and Chickpea Dhal Blended, Mullerlight, 57g Wholemeal Bread Roll with Ham and Salad

Dinner - Figs, Proscuitto Ham, Mixed Salad, Goats Cheese, Hard Boiled Eggs - 5.5 syns

Snacks - Tea x 6, 6 syns

Syns 11.5
Last few days been crazy work thing is still ongoing and My mum is unwell so food choices have slipped to the back of my mind. I know its no excuse i just need to plan better.

Weds -
B - Soft Boiled Eggs - Wholemeal Bread - 57g - HeB, Pomegranate
L - Chick Pea Dhal Dip, with Carrots and Celery Cruidites, Proscuitto Ham and Egg Salad, with Figs.
D - Spaghetti Bolognese
S - Pomegrante, Grapes, Chicken Mugshot, Milk for Tea - HEA

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