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ProPoints 10 stone wannabe - Pro Points food diary

Hi Everyone,

I've been yo-yo dieting for about 2 years now... I've done Slimming World, Weight Watchers, The Zoe Harcombe Diet and the list is endless....

So I've decided to give Weight Watchers Pro Points ago and I'm in the Zone :D

I think writing it all down for people to see will help so im going to up date daily, Please let me know if i'm pointing anything wrong as I am doing this alone and not going to classes!!!

Wish me Luck :wave_cry: Here it goes...

Monday 18th July 2011

Breakfast: Porridge 3
Skimmed Milk 1

Snack: Alpen light Bar 3

Dinner: Chicken Salad with Light Mayo 5

Tea: Weight Watchers meal 10
150g Low Fat oven Chips 6

Drinks: 1x Tea, 1x Coffee 1

29/29 Pro Points used
Weekly Points 0/49

See you tomorrow x

10 Stone Wannabe :)

Starting Weight 12 Stone
1st Weigh in 22/07/2011
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Day 2 - So far so good!!

Hi everyone,

I found yesterday rather good I wasnt to hungry and stayed within my points... Start as you mean to go :)

Tuesday 19th July 2011

Breakfast: Porridge 3
Milk 1 = 4

Snack: Alpen Light Bar 3

Dinner: WW Pitta Bread 3
3x wafer thin Ham 1
Low fat Soft Cheese 1 =5

Snack: Quavers 2

Tea: Spaghetti Bolognese 11

Snack: Quavers 2
Mcvities Quirk biscuit 2

Drinks: 3x Tea, 1x Coffee 1 & 2 Litres of Water

So Far 30/29 Pro Points used
Weekly Points 1/49

Hope your liking my diary and feel free to let me know if im going wrong aywhere...

Bye :wave_cry:xxx

10 Stone Wannabe :)

Starting Weight 12 Stone
1st Weigh in 22/07/2011
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I'm starting to feel hungry :-(


So yesterday I went over but only by 1 pro point so I suppose thats not to bad and I've still got my weekly points left...

I'm starting to feel really hungry in betwee meal times though, I think ill invest in some fruit when I go shopping that may help!!

Wednesday 20th July 2011

Breakfast: Porridge 3
Skimmed Milk 1

Snack: Alpen Light Bar 3

Dinner: Pitta with Ham & Soft Cheese 5

Snack: Quavers 2

Drinks: 1x Tea, 1x Coffee 1

I think I need to look at a more filling dinner and possibly some fruit to help the hunger pangs!! I'm hoping my stomach will shrink soon lol!!

I'll update my tea tomorrow... I'm going to try and not go over today!

So Far Pro Points 15/29
Weekly points 1/49

Roll on tea time :sigh:


Gold Member
Good luck hun! Im following your diary :)

Fruit is great i use it to fill me up all the time last time i did ww I used to love a big bowl of cherries, apples, grapes and chopped banana with a ww yog for 1pp!! Had it for breakfast all the time or for a snack if I was hungry and it's so low points and really fills you up x
Looking good hun, try and vary your meals aswell or you may end up getting bored. I can also reccomend wraps instead of pitta's for a change?

Snacking on fruit really does help stop you feeling hungry i find :)
Try chopping up some fruit and making a fruit salad to nibble on when the hunger kicks in. Sometimes i take carrot sticks and cucumber to work and much on that too for 0PP. Also if you are having WW ready meals load them with extra veg to bulk them out a little cos i find they dont fill me up for very long.

Just a few little tips for you there hun


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That's a good tip too if I make a ww meal like the beef hot pot or cottage pie I always mix loads of steamed veg in and it fills me up loads more!
There's loads of things you can do to bulk your meals out! I had 4pp of ww oven chips last night with my ww Bolagnaise and could barely eat it all my plate was piles high n only for 11pp!
Hi there I am new too! Your doing great! Having fruit is so good it fills you up and web if u just feel like eating something because your bored then fruit is great! I love mixing a ww yogourt which are 1 point with grapes in a bowl and feels like a lovely dessert however only works out as 1 point!!! X


Silver Member
hi Loz amd welcome... good luck hun..fruit is deffo a good way to fill up and loads of veg ...diary is lookin good keep it up x
I've lost 3lbs yay!!!

Hi Ladies,

Thank you for sharing your tips i'm definatly going to try the fruit and yoghurt one out, I think I may even have it after my tea tonight...

I've not wrote my diary for a few days and I have been naughty this weekend I accidently ate a KFC Big Daddy Box Meal oops :cry:

but I weighted myself this morning and I've lost 3lbs :)

I just hope the KFC doesnt show itself on the scales next week...

So I'm going to be extra good this week(fingers crossed)...

Monday 25th July 2011

Breakfast: Porridge with Semi Skimmed Milk = 5

Snacks: Satsuma

Dinner: Light Choices Sandwich from Tesco = 8

Snack: Quavers = 3

Tea: Pork loin with Jacket potato cottage cheese & Cous Cous = 15

Snacks: 4x Custard Cream biscuits = 6 :mad:

Pro points used 29/29
Weekly points used 8/49

Tut tut...

Tuesday 26th July 2011

Breakfast: Porridge with Semi Skimmed Milk = 5

Snacks: Apple & Banana

Dinner: WW Yoghurt & Satsuma = 1

Tea: Not to sure what i'm having yet i will update tomorrow

Drinks: 1x Tea, 1x Coffee, 1 litre of water = 1

I know I should of had more for my dinner but I have been so busy at work i've not had chance...

So Far Pro points 7/29
Weekly points 8/49

See you tomorrow
I need to step away from the biscuits


Aw thank you Jem3139 i'll try but I seem to have a thing for biscuits this week... :(

So yesterday I ended up having some dinner, I had:

4x Crackerbread 4
Cowslaw 2

and for tea I had

Chilli Con Carne with Rice 15
and 1 piece of toast for supper 3
& biscuits 6

So in total yesterday I had

29/29 Pro Points and i've used 18/49 weekly points...

I really need to save them weekly points as I'm going out on Saturday Night :)

Wednesday 27th July 2011

Porridge with Semi Skimmed Milk 5

Snacks: Banana 0

Dinner: WW Yoghurt 1

Tea: WW Meal 7
jacket potato 4
with cowslaw 2

Snacks: Walkers Crisps 5
WW Coconut cake 2

Drinks: 1x Tea, 1x Coffee, 1 Litre of water 1

Pro Points 27/29
WW Points 18/49

Happy Dieting

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Hi all,

So I was happy with yesterdays points although i do want to eat my full 29 each day as I've heard that your more likely to lose if you do but please do correct me if im wrong!!

I'm also going to introduce some exercise next week as i'm looking after my Friends dog so she'll be wanting plenty of walks :)

Thursday 28th July 2011

Breakfast: Porridge with Semi Skimmed Milk 5

Snacks: Banana 0

Dinner: WW yoghurt and 2x Satsumas 1

Tea: (will up date tomorrow)

So far 6/29 pro points used
WW Points 18/49

I am going to go shopping tonight so I will be eating a proper dinner tomorrow...

I cant wait to see what the scales say next week as I just dont feel like im dieting which is probably a good thing but I really want to lost fingers crossed for Tuesday...

xxx :wave_cry:

I'm going shopping tonight so I will buy something

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