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10 Things Programme on BBC

I've mentioned this in my diary but as I've just dug out the link for Bren thought it may be worthy of its own post!

I watched a programme my husband taped for me the other night and most of the points reinforced the Dukan diet and had some very interesting "sciencey" theory behind why dieting techniques work or don't work but it is presented in an interesting way not too techie!

BBC iPlayer - 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight

Really is well worth a watch!
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I can't get iplayer as abroad, so doubt Bren will be able to access it either, HOWEVER, had a look and it's on Youtube in 6 parts, will watch it this afternoon - thanks:D.
Oh that is a shame but at least you've found it. first few points are a bit wishy washy but it gets better and more relevant in the middle.

Definately worth watching - I found the dairy bit particularly interesting.
i watched it on Iplayer very interesting stuff especially about the soup thing
Yes I thought that and thought that would be the way to go with lunches - bung everything into a pan and simmer then blend. Can throw chicken and meat in there too. Don't fancy doing it with fish though!

Where do you get bullion from or can you use regular stock cubes??
someuse 1/2stock cube ..i use swiss bullion
Thanks, I will have a look in the supermarket when I go later!

Looking forward to my veggies tomorrow now!


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Scrumps - when you're over here (very soon!), be sure to take home some fat free stock cubes with you!!


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Thanks so much for bringing this programme to my attention, I watched it last night and although I couln't bear the voice over chap i found some of the items in it fascinating - it really backed up my reasons for giving Dukan a go, and I found the calcium binding to fat cells and making you excrete more fat when you eat low fat dairy really, really interesting.
Yes I found that very interesting because so many diets tell you to cut out the dairy products. It has reinforced the need to have yoghurts and so on and also explains why there is an allowance made for having yoghurts when the carbs are higher than the protein count.
soup ahoy!

do you think making a plain chicken soup with chicken breast and chicken/veg stock, all whizzed up, would be ok if you added a bit of total yog after cooking to make a 'cream of chicken style soup'?

im going to make some batches tomorrow and freeze to take to work for lunches :)
back on the dukan path next week for sure.

i use the marigold swiss vegetable bullion powder, the low salt one, its the one recommended on atkins for much needed low carbness.

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