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10 years and still trying....

Hi everyone,

Another year and another attempt to reach a weight I'm happy with. Just a little history, I'm 5'8" and weight nearly 14 stone. I have been as much as 16 and a half. Lowest I've been is 12'4. Normally I hang around just over 13 but what with Christmas etc etc.

I have been on and off diets for 10 years. I used to be really athletic but after I finished school I just became lazy. I now go to the gym 3/4 times a week but I have a severe addiction to food, especially sugar. I don't know how to control it and so badly want to lose weight. The only time I seem to be able to seriously control my eating is when I have a broken heart and then I don't eat at all and lose loads! (I know it's bad)

I'm just really looking for some support from some people that understand this constant up and down battle with weight that I have been engaged in for a decade.

Thanks for reading and I hope to make some new friend's. :)
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Hello, you will do it!! I've just joined sw, done it many times but I always pile it all back on, I am a totally different person when I'm smaller being big really effects my life. I am a 28 year old out going fun lover who has turned into a self-consious shy paranoid moo!! Lol! Enough's enough! I wanna be beautiful and wear gorgeous clothes! There's a skinny me just waiting to come out! May take a while tho ? All the luck in the world to all of you hope you all reach your goals!!! x
Yeah, I know how you feel about knowing there's a thin person and a load of confidence just waiting to jump out! Just need to be consistent with my diet. I have the gym nailed I think, but hopefully the sw diet will do the trick. Just going to do my best. Just to be smaller than a 16 would be like a dream come true. :)

Lady A

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Hi Captainhel,

I know exactly how you feel about the sugar cravings as I have an underactive thyroid so even though I'm not diabetic my sugar levels are all over the place at times so much so that I 'had' to have something sweet to eat after each meal (and inbetween lol!) which probably didn't help my weight. Since beginning slimming world I've found that if I do green days I feel really full and tend not to have those cravings much and you've also got your syns and there are so many low syn snacks and treats you can have throughout the day such as cadburys chocolate eclairs (1 1/2 syns each) - I find my cravings are are gone if I suck on one when I'm craving something sweet. Skinny cow do a lolly called skinny dippers (3 syns each) and I usually chop one up over sliced banana and that makes a lovely dessert. I aso like sharon fruits which you can get from sainsburys and you eat them like an apple with the skin on and they are the sweetest and juicest fruit I've ever had AND it's free so having a couple of those should hit the spot. There is a low syn treat thread on here too with lots of lovely ideas so I'm sure you'll be fine. Well done for joining again and I wish you well on your SW journey to good health.

Aisha xx