100 days... (Challenge time!)

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Starlit_Cazza, 16 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    ...til Christmas! (or so I am told?).

    Anyone reckon they can SS/SS+ all the way? Feel free to add your name to the list!!!!

    1 down, 99 to go...

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  3. lalliali

    lalliali xPink Princess!x


    2nd week of ss so far i aim to keep it up till around just before xmas
  4. kazza55

    kazza55 Full Member

    Im in! Had a bit of a 'blip' on Monday and thats probably messed me up for my weigh in tonight but im determined now to stick at it til xmas. Now where did i see that fab size 10 dress..............
  5. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Well thats 3 of us! Woo Hoo we can do it! Longest I have managed before is 4 weeks SS, however I really have no excuse between now and christmas. I have a couple of minor events next birthday (my birthday plus 2 daytime leaving do's) however I plan, at worst, to SS+ on these days. Determind to get another 4 stone off for christmas!!!!
  6. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

    Me, me !!!! want to SS up until the 22nd ish when I'll re-introduce food for Christmas Dinner so I'm not ill...

    Very excited as I'm staying at home for the first time in years and can watch what I want on TV, cook our own dinner and generally have some fun before visiting the rest of the family.

    Woohooo.... it's 99 days today isn't it?
  7. wizzbang

    wizzbang Silver Member

    Count me in !!!
    It will be quite a while before I come off SS or SS+
  8. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Excellent - we can do this!!!!
  9. Fizzy

    Fizzy Silver Member

    Im pledging 56 days on SS!!
  10. thinkthincd

    thinkthincd Silver Member

    i'm in apart from my planned day off to go to my friends wedding (18th oct) i plan to ss until the 1st dec (74 days) and then will no doubt do a couple of weeks after xmas just to get the post xmas pounds off. xx
  11. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Silver Member

    The rate I'm going trying to get to goal I expect I'll still be here in 100 days too. Good luck to everyone.
  12. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

    Good luck everyone, we can do it! just think what we can achieve in 99 days!
  13. coley144

    coley144 Creating my life

    Count me in. I'm planning to stay on until the 22nd Dec and then see where I am.
  14. Elvira

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark

    i can SS all the way to Christmas! i'm on day 45, not cheated once. i want to have lost 60lbs by Christmas and already lost 28lbs so on a roll!!! i've decided not to eat at Christmas. count me in to the challenge!!! xxx
  15. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    good luck all with this challenge guys
  16. Hollyhoo

    Hollyhoo Full Member

    Hey you all can I be in it. Just finished my 3rd week lost 23lb, havn't cheated once and glugged gallons of water. Plan to finish just before crimbo.:)
  17. scarlet38

    scarlet38 Member

    hello, can i join too. I have been on ss for just over 8 weeks now, and need to stay on it right up to xmas to get all weight off once and for all, so count me in
  18. hanloje

    hanloje Silver Member

    Morning ladies... I believe it's now 98 days to go!!!
  19. Fizzy

    Fizzy Silver Member

    55 days to go for me.
  20. Elvira

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark

    33lbs down, 27 to go...rock on!!! hope you are all getting on okay? xxx
  21. wannabeskinny

    wannabeskinny Silver Member

    im in too

    current list :

    copy and paste and add your name

    come on Xmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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