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100% on plan what losses should i expect.

HI guys.

So last 2 weeks i stuck to plan 100%, eating as much super free foods as i could and walking my doggies that little bit further for extra excercise.

didnt get weighed last wednesday as i couldnt get to boots to get weighed so went 2 weeks instead, been a good gal on plan.

i lost 5lbs, which im really happy with, but then i thought i have been extra good and stuck to 5 syns daily instead of my 10-15 a day, made me think how much would i have lost if i had had all my syns and not been really good?

dont know what im rabbling on about really, just wanted your thoughts on my loss and is that about average i should be expecting per week.

also star week.

on your journey have you experienced surprises losses that were great or been let down when you thought you had done well.

thought mite be a topic of discussion ;)
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5lb in two weeks is a fabulous loss hun! :D Well done you! I have had a couple of big losses when I know that I haven't deserved them (e.g. I'd drunk way too much alcohol and eaten rubbish :eek:) and then I've had other losses that I've been disappointed with because I felt I deserved more (I'd been 100% on plan etc). My disappointing losses tend to be around * week, and now that I've realised that I've accepted it :)

As long as I'm going in the right direction I'm a happy bunny! :D

i would say 1lb a week is a great loss rate (cos thats what i average out at) so great if your average is above this, but 1lb a week is 4 stone a year!
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5lb is really good, especially for a star week!
If i'm good on a star week (rarely happens) and stick to 5 syns always put on at least 1.5lb.


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Between 1-2 lbs per week is really good.

More than that, it tends to be blips and not regular.

Sometimes we get less, but I find for me it averages around 2lbs per week, which I'm delighted with as it gives my body and skin time to adjust to my new shape.

There's no sustainable, healthy quick fix unfortunately, but it helps to think of what we are doing as a lifestyle change, meaning we're on it 'for good', and not just saving the fish n chips and pizza for when we reach target :D
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I've only been on SW for 3 weeks, so since then have been WI weekly. However, as a rule, I'm more of an advocate of WI monthly.

I think you get a better representation of your losses that way. I've already lost 4 stone (pre SW) and when I did that I consistently lost 5-7lbs a month. But now I'm WI weekly the pattern is way more erratic, but will probably equate to the same loss.

I'm not sure if I'm making sense, but, what I'm trying to say is, think of your losses on a monthly basis instead of weekly, and then you don't get the negativity you sometimes would when you don't have such a good WI, for whatever reason.
Thanks for replys guys.

i wasnt disappointed with my loss just worried me if i hadnt been so good on plan if i would have lost at all.

good point scanbran it is def a lifestyle change not a diet, i pigged out the other day, and when i got back on track i thought to myself thank god im eating normal again.

so i guess slimming world is becoming the norm to me.