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100 Pounds down...more to go


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As of today I'm 100 pounds down from my heaviest weight. I haven't finished but it seemed worth marking.

I started off at 21st9 and now I'm 14st7. I lost the first bit calorie counting, then Cambridge and now I'm back to calorie counting.

I am what my CDC describes as 'weight loss resistent' in that this has taken me ages! I didn't have the big losses other people have. I didn't lose a stone a month. On my last month of 610 cals I lost basically nothing! I'm presently seeing a doctor to see if I have a thyroid condition.

Weirdly I'm now losing more calorie counting on 1200 cals than I was on 610!

Anyway as I said I haven't finished but 100 pounds seems worth posting. x
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As of today I'm 100 pounds down from my heaviest weight. I haven't finished but it seemed worth marking
What a fantastic achievement, You must feel so proud of yourself. Well Done.
wait , 100 pounds is a amazing achievement well done... im about what you were at the start of your journey...you have inspired me thankyou =] x
100lbs is amazing.... congrats .. ive only done half that in about the same time so WOW... you started at about the same weight I did too..cant wait to get to where you are!!! Thanks for the inspiration
100lbs is an awesome amount of weight to lose especially as you have been losing it so slowly, such excellent willpower, keep going I am sure you will get there in the end... and you deserve it.


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100lb off must feel amazing - well done! xx
MrsHill2B - I didn't start at 21,9 in September. I was 19 stone in September. I started the whole journey back in er..2006.
Thanks I started at 21st 7 in sept 08
Im at 17st 11 now...my heaviest was 25 stone Feb 2003... But I dont count that weightloss as Ive been a yoyo... I only count from september


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Wow, congratulations. 100lbs lost is a massive achievement for anyone and more so if it's come off slowly - that takes some willpower. You are an inspiration x


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Thats pure dedication, will power and solid hard work :) really good job, motivational actually, people like you keep me going and give me something to look forward to :) I started at a weight quite close to yours, and I hope to get to around yours now :) good job mate.


Creating my life
Just an update - I have been diagnosed with Thyroid problems - Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Hopefully by getting treated I should be able to lose the rest of the weight quicker!

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